Here are five foreign markets Polish sellers should pay attention to

When Marshall McLuhan wrote about the global village in the 1960s, he did not foresee that 60 years later the world would become a rather global marketplace.

This is largely due to the pandemic, which has forced us all to accelerate the course of digitalization not only in commerce, but also in education, services, health, entertainment and culture.

Consumers have also changed. Faced with the hassle of shopping in physical stores, budget constraints and security concerns, many of them, for the first time in their lives, ventured into “virtual” shopping journeys.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for small internet businesses that aspire to become resilient global brands and reach beyond Poland’s borders with their products.

Know the specificities of foreign markets

Did you know that the biggest e-consumption holiday in China is not Black Friday but Singles Day? Do you dream of selling your products on the Japanese market? No problem, but remember that in this country of 126 million people, 99%. the population speaks only Japanese. Do you plan to expand into the UK market? Therefore, you will need only 78 percent information. local e-consumers buy on impulse, most often clicking on their smartphones while lying in bed at night.

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