LG laptops I play 2022 – when will they appear in Poland?

LG Electronics, a South Korean electronics manufacturer, presents an updated range of LG gram 2022 laptops. The offer is so diverse that everyone should find an ultrabook suitable for their individual needs.

LG play 2022

A few days ago, we announced that Asus was going to change the design of its devices. Today we return with another information from the world of laptops. LG introduced the LG gram series for 2022. There’s a reason why I wrote about the different offerings above. The series includes seven new models.

The laptop series is characterized by an IPS matrix, ensuring faithful color reproduction and screens maintained in a 16:10 aspect ratio. Additionally, the new panels will offer 99% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. All models (except LG gram 2-in-1) will be equipped with an anti-reflective coating that will allow you to work in difficult lighting conditions.

In addition to the wide range of models, the company expects an overall increase in productivity – around 22% compared to last year’s series. This is not surprising given the components used in these ultrabooks: the Gen4 NVMe SSD as well as the low voltage LPDDR5 RAM. Each laptop is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core processor – Alder Lake implemented.

Below I present all the models included in the line:

  • LG gram 17 (17Z90Q),
  • LG gram 16 (16Z90Q),
  • LG gram 15 (15Z90Q),
  • LG gram 14 (14Z90Q),
  • LG gram 2-in-1 (16T90Q and 14T90Q),
  • LG + view for LG gram (16MQ70).

What else is LG trying to surprise us with?

Innovative software – LG Glance by Mirametrix, allows you to significantly increase the comfort of use. How? Automatically locks the screenwhen the user moves away from the device at a certain distance, and also warns him when someone tries to look at the screen behind him – a solution certainly extremely useful when working in the office. Such software is also useful when we use several integrated monitors. Then the mouse cursor and the window we are currently working on automatically move to the screen we are looking at.

New models LG gram 2-in-1 (16 and 14 inches) it is also the possibility of switching between tablet and laptop functions in a few seconds. Pre-installed applications for creating notes and drawings have been considered for the LG Stylus (Wacom AES 2.0) – a stylus attached to devices.

The ultra-light design is at the same time durable, which is possible thanks to the aluminum housing with very narrow frames – but not in all variants. The weight of the laptop starts from 999 grams (lg play 14) up to nearly three kilograms (lg play 17). What do we mean by the durability of production models? Complies with US military standard MIL-STD-810G. This guarantees the wearer the durability of the device in various situations.

When we talk about standards, we cannot forget the Intel Evo certificate, which confirms, among other things, that LG laptops perform in 2022 working with several applications at the same time. Looking at the specs of the devices, the battery capacity starts at 72 Wh (lg play 14) up to 90 Wh on the 17-inch variant.

In this year’s edition we will also have new: screen + view for LG gram. In practice, it’s a portable 16-inch monitor with a removable case. LG + view will provide an additional workspace display through the USB-C connector. The monitor can be used in landscape or portrait orientation, emphasizing the versatility of the device. With a laptop lg play 16 they will form a harmonious duo both in terms of aesthetics and utility.

The company has also taken care of the ecological aspect during production. All LG gram 2022 products are delivered in eco-friendly packaging that we can convert, for example, into standing calendars. In Poland, LG gram 2022 series laptops will be available for purchase from June.

We should be prepared for high prices. However, when buying an ultrabook of this series, we can live with the knowledge that we are dealing with a top-of-the-range product, which, depending on whether it will be used for work, school or for entertainment, must meet all the defined tasks. even by the most demanding users.

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