Sejm Committees for the Draft Amendment of the Farmers’ Social Insurance Law

Retired farmers won’t have to stop farming to receive full benefits – plans to amend draft law on farmers’ social insurance, to be sent for further work by MPs to parliamentary committees on Wednesday .

  • Author: PAP
  • Date: April 27, 2022, 11:40 a.m.

Retired farmers will not have to stop farming to receive full benefits / photo: PTWP

“The amended bill is largely a response to requests from individual farmers and agricultural organizations that have been submitted for many years,” Deputy Agriculture Minister Anna Gembicka said at the meeting. Wednesday of the joint commissions: Social Policy and Family and Agriculture and Rural Development.

Draft Amendment to the Law on Social Insurance of Farmers

“Listening to these assumptions, we have proposed some changes. The most important is the removal of the provision ordering a farmer who has reached retirement age to cease his agricultural activity, if he wants his pension to be fully paid” – said the deputy minister during the first reading of the bill.

Gembicka pointed out that this provision is considered “harmful” in the countryside and is a kind of “phenomenon”, because in another profession there is no order to get rid of the retired workshop. She added that until now, the retiring farmer had to get rid of the farm by renting it, selling it or transferring the land to his descendants.

MPs Jarosław Sachajko (Kukiz’15) and Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski (PiS) also spoke positively about the proposal to change the rules, saying that “this is a historic act, which the Polish countryside has been waiting for”. Robert Telus (PiS), on the other hand, stressed that “it is the restoration of social justice”.

MP Teresa Hałas (PiS), who is also president of the Union of Individual Farmers “Solidarity”, proposed an amendment to the bill, consisting in deleting the provision obliging a retired farmer who will continue to work on the farm at continue paying KRUS large-scale disability benefits. The amendment was approved by the government and accepted by the committees.

Social security for farmers

The bill regulates issues related to the so-called combination of agricultural insurance (KRUS) and the general social insurance system (ZUS). Thanks to this, farmers will be able to avoid unfavorable breaks in the coverage of farmers’ social insurance, which can constitute an obstacle to applying for aid from the funds of the common agricultural policy, or prevent them from continuing to be covered by the social insurance for farmers in case of exercise, in addition to the agricultural activity, of a complementary non-agricultural economic activity.

The amended law introduces the possibility of including periods of active military service in the Polish army or equivalent periods in the contributory part of the agricultural retirement pension. This will also apply to periods of alternative military service before 1 January 1999, when a given person has not been insured at ZUS and when the period of service cannot affect the increase in the old-age pension from the general scheme. insurance system set up by ZUS.

The proposed act assumes that agricultural pensioners will have the opportunity for therapeutic rehabilitation in KRUS centers, and caregivers of disabled people – the opportunity to send them to regeneration stays.

The new solutions must enter into force 14 days after their publication in the Journal of Laws, with the exception of certain provisions which will enter into force on a different date.

The Farmers’ Social Insurance Bill, together with amendments, was unanimously supported by the committees and returned to second reading.

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