Smartphones with a good camera up to 2000 zloty. Which one to choose ?

Choosing the right smartphone with a good camera, and at a reasonable price, is not the easiest task. The sheer number of models available on the market can be overwhelming, and without a phone you can’t get around. Not sure what settings to pay attention to? We recommend.

Are you looking for a smartphone with a good camera up to 2000 zloty? You don’t know which model to choose to be able to take beautiful photos? We have checked what the cameras of several popular smartphone models can do, for which you will pay less than 2000 PLN. zloty.

What camera settings should you pay attention to when buying a smartphone?

  • raster resolution – sets the maximum number of pixels with which the photo is saved. The more megapixels, the more detail the photo should have and you can enlarge it further without losing image quality
  • aperture – the brighter it is, the better quality we will take in the worst lighting conditions
  • number of lenses – the more lenses, the more possibilities. The latest phone models have at least two different lenses that have a big impact on camera functionality.
  • image stabilization – without this function it is difficult to take a clear photo on the phone when we are on the move
  • autofocus – is responsible for autofocusing photos

A smartphone with a good camera – Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE 6 / 128GB

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE 6/128 GB is a smartphone whose camera can do a lot. The rear photo module is equipped with three lenses. The main lens is placed on an elevation and has a resolution of 64 Mpix, below is a telemakro camera with a resolution of 5 Mpix, and the third of them, located on the lower part of the island, is a wide-angle camera with a resolution of 8 Mpix. For this a front camera that uses a matrix with a resolution of 20 Mpix. The camera app is intuitive and easy to use. In the main window we can change the zoom, from 0.6 to 10x, and choose AI and HDR modes. In the drop-down menu we can use the background blur and Super macro mode, and in the side tabs we have access to PRO mode and portrait mode. And that’s not the end of this camera’s possibilities. In the More tab we can activate night mode, panorama, document scanning, image cloning and various video modes. The camera options also include a long exposure mode (several filters to choose from), which is best used with a tripod.

Smartphone with a good camera – Oppo Reno 5 5G 8 / 128GB

The camera of the Oppo Reno 5 smartphone is equipped with four lenses, the main one with a resolution of 64 Mpix, an ultra wide angle with a resolution of 8 Mpix, a macro with a matrix of 2 Mpix and a lens for measuring depth and focus. in focus, also 2 Mpix. There is a 32 Mpix camera on the front of the phone. The biggest advantage of this camera is a very bright aperture that allows you to bring out the most important details in photos taken at night. The downside of this device is the absence of a telephoto lens, you have to be content with digital zoom, and also the absence of image stabilization. Photos taken with Oppo Reno 5 during the day are characterized by adequate sharpness throughout the frame and clearly visible details. The colors are correctly rendered, they are neither too pale nor too curled up.

A smartphone with a good camera – POCO F3

The POCO F3 smartphone is a device equipped with three rear cameras, including the 48 Mpix main camera, an 8 Mpix wide angle and a 5 Mpix macro and a 20 Mpix front camera. The macro camera, which is identical in many models of even the most expensive Xiaomi smartphones, deserves special recognition. It has autofocus, so when taking a photo we don’t have to be careful to keep the correct distance from the subject. Thanks to it, we can capture the smallest details. The biggest drawback of the POCO F3 smartphone camera is the lack of optical image stabilization. Nevertheless, the main camera takes sharp photos with natural colors and high tonal dynamics, so the shadows are not dark spots and overexposure does not spoil the effect.

A smartphone with a good camera – Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G smartphone is equipped with a main photographic module, which consists of four cameras with a resolution of 64 Mpix with optical image stabilization, 12 Mpix ultra wide angle, with a 5 Mpix macro lens and a 5 Mpix lens for depth detection. In good lighting conditions, photos taken with the main camera are of a very high standard. The situation is similar in the case of more difficult lighting conditions – the quality of photos is always at a high level. Thanks to the large matrix in combination with optical image stabilization and a fairly good night mode, a fairly good quality photo can be taken. The disadvantage of night mode is the noticeable cropping of the frame and the strong embellishment of the photos by the software, which causes an unnatural effect.

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