Sniper Elite 5 – we have already played. How is the next episode of the class killer?

What I immediately liked was the almost total freedom of the activities carried out. I didn’t have specific information on where I should go first and how to approach the task. Instead, I was given a large map that made it a real sandbox. I avoided the soldiers who patrolled the area in vehicles, while choosing the place by which I would most easily arrive at the main building. You had to cross one of three bridges, and each of them was of course well guarded. The game does not enforce constant stealth, you can even walk through the whole thing like Rambo, but then you will quickly run into the wall. The right balance between sensations and possibilities is important. The creators give us the ability to “pull” enemies from buildings and literally force them into traps. You can also activate generators and throw bottles to draw their attention to something else and distract them from their activities.

The hits I mentioned above are now also triggered for other weapons, not just the sniper rifle. When we grab the gun and shoot someone with our last strength straight in the head, the camera will present it effectively. Of course, in Sniper, ballistics have always been of great importance, and they have been improved considerably in the fifth installment. The laws of physics, the wind or our heart rate have a big impact on the shot, and you have to look at the right indicators just before pulling the trigger. A big novelty is also the improvement of the cooperative mode for two players, who can now exchange ammo or equipment and heal each other if necessary. The multiplayer mode also allows, directly from Deathloop, to jump into another player’s session. We play the role of a German sniper, whose main objective is to hunt the player. I must admit that such duels can be extremely exciting. Fun modes in this section can be found much more.

Sniper 5_2

The artificial intelligence of opponents has also improved. They can flank, communicate, research, and exchange player location information. They also look for ways to hide from missiles, though they often fall into traps when they find a dead comrade. They quickly and eagerly raise an alarm that summons everyone in the area and, in extreme cases, they summon additional support. When I accidentally triggered an alarm in a large fortress, I had two options. Abandon yourself or flee towards these shoots, in search of passages and opportunities. I snuck up to the third floor, killing two soldiers along the way. The rest of the group was looking for me in the lower parts of the property, so I had time to heal myself and plan my next step. Of course, we have the option of entering focus mode, which shows the location of enemies with white outlines. They check the player’s last location and if they can’t find it, they start searching. They also have what is called an alarm indicator which changes from red to yellow over time and then changes to white. This means that the enemies have completely lost interest in us.

Graphically it’s good, although in 2022 I would expect better facial expressions

When I first fired up Sniper Elite 5, I had mixed feelings about the character models and the facial expressions themselves. The figures look artificial and are heavily wooden. The briefing before each mission that takes place at the base is devoid of major emotions, and the reactions of our companions are scripted in advance. We learn what the goal is and what we need to do. We get the location of the strategic points, then we move forward. The entire story campaign consists of episodes set in open locations with complete freedom of action, and that has its advantages. I was playing on the computer with very high image quality settings. The item detail was good, the weapons look phenomenal, and the graphics can please, although it won’t be revolutionary, especially in 2022. It’s just a bit better than the previous installment.

Sniper 5_3

The main character animations are a bit wooden, but the physics of the falling bodies of our enemies has been well refined. Especially when a special camera comes into action. This is the biggest advantage of Sniper Elite 5, because each of these shots is “juicy” and satisfying. The game will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on May 26, 2022. Anything to look forward to? Fans of the series will surely appreciate the big fixes in the multiplayer mode (and co-op additions), ballistics and kill cams, but there’s no point in counting on a big revolution. The new mission pack, new locations, improved graphics and improved artificial intelligence are the main advantages of the fifth installment. We know what to expect. I must admit that the next murders “stuck” me firmly on the screen, and that’s what it’s all about. The storyline, I feel, is just an addition to the joyous elimination of opponents. See you in front!

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