A new trend in the market. Entrepreneurs help Ukrainians start businesses and win orders

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A new trend has appeared on the market. Entrepreneurs not only want to hire Ukrainians, but also make it easier for them to find a job. In some cases, refugees receive the necessary tools to practice their profession. Orders for them are sought. They are also trained to conduct legal business. As experts argue, these are good activities that have not been practiced in Poland so far. The influx of Ukrainian workers is beneficial for many industries. The group of refugees includes doctors, nurses, computer scientists and engineers. However, according to experts, in addition to the above, systemic state support is needed. Emphasis should be placed, among other things, on improving the qualifications of Ukrainians and learning the language. As a result, our economy can bring tangible long-term benefits.

A fishing rod instead of a fish

An interesting and new trend has recently appeared in Poland. Some employers not only employ Ukrainians, but also facilitate their access to our labor market. An example is the collection platform Szczytny-Cel.pl. A dozen trained masseurs and physiotherapists come to ask for help. They asked for a fundraiser, but the entrepreneur had another idea. Finally, they were largely equipped with tools for the exercise of the scholarly profession. In addition, the company helped them learn Polish and organize real orders by designing promotional materials, placing attractive ads on social networks and on the most popular auction portals.

– Instead of traditional collections, we decided to help them in a different way. We figured that instead of giving the proverbial fish, it was better to give fishing rods. And in the following days, these people began to take jobs and enter our labor market with their profession learned in Ukraine. Today, after nearly a few weeks of observation, we see that they are getting better and better with us. They have an almost daily schedule of orders executed from morning to evening, and customers recommend them to each other. Interestingly, we can already see imitators of this idea on the market, which makes us very happy – says Maciej Kamiński, president of the collection platform Szczytny-Cel.pl.

In addition, the entrepreneur has organized a series of training courses for them on how to conduct legal business in our market. He informed them, among other things, about tax and contribution obligations towards ZUS. From then on, the refugees wondered about specific formalities, because they no longer wanted to live on allowances, but above all on their own work. Moreover, they intend to grow professionally and socially with us.

– This is a very good example of how entrepreneurs are replacing the government. They organize courses and training, and the human resources departments advise on tax, contribution and administrative obligations, which are the most difficult for refugees. Employers have also largely shouldered the burden of learning the language, and even providing places to live or eat. However, this requires systemic support and coordination of state actions – comments Dr. Antoni Kolek, President of the Pensions Institute and employer expert of the Republic of Poland.

Katarzyna Lorenc, labor market expert at the BCC, points out that they are also satisfied with the proactive attitude of Ukrainian employees and employers who transfer their businesses to us. In this way, new jobs are created for everyone, including Poles. The worst that can happen is when refugees join the ranks of the unemployed.

Big potential

– Ukrainians in Poland should not be seen in terms of people who came only for social benefits. Recently, we hear such a story from the Poles more and more often. Meanwhile, refugees are simply rushing to work, looking for additional opportunities and gainful employment. They don’t want to live off the benefits – says President Kamiński.

In turn, Jeremi Mordasewicz, advisor to the board of the Lewiatan Confederation, points out that we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU. It is determined, among other things, by the rapid aging of our society. As a result, the labor market enters the labor market by 100,000 per year. fewer people than retirees. Before the outbreak of war, the Ukrainians partially filled the void. Usually they took jobs that did not attract much interest from Poles. Now it can also be like this, although we have mostly women with children, and a lot of men are gone, incl. drivers and construction workers.

– Every year we miss a minimum of 250 thousand. people to work only because of population decline. Without Ukrainian workers, economic growth so far would have been impossible. Their arrival is a blessing for many industries. As before, Ukrainians will supplement places where there is a shortage of Polish workers, adds Katarzyna Lorenc.

As Dr. Kolek argues, the influx of refugees can cause employers to find the workers they need, especially in restaurants, hotels or simple services, such as hairdressing. The expert adds that among the refugees there are also doctors, nurses, computer scientists and engineers. These people are extremely necessary for business development and can complement teams of employees. This does not necessarily mean the resignation of existing staff. Ukrainians can supplement skills that have so far been lacking.

– There are sectors in which we are able to absorb a lot of employees, mainly in medicine, because we have few doctors and nurses. Therefore, it is very good that it is now easier for them to start working, especially since there are more and more patients, because refugees also need health care – says the expert from the Lewiatan Confederacy.

Support needed

But of course it’s not that colorful. Maciej Kamiński draws attention to the biggest difficulties of Ukrainians. They often run into our administration and don’t know what to do next. According to the chairman of the fundraising platform Szczytny-Cel.pl, our government should organize training or workshops for them on how to start their own business. It would be a great help for these people.

– The support of the state system is absolutely necessary, and so far it has not been seen. The labor offices should already endeavor to supplement the qualifications of the refugees for the needs of the personnel of the trades in shortage. This can be done through the implementation of the offer of courses and training prepared for Ukrainians. However, through cooperation with employment and temporary work agencies, it is possible to help unemployed people enter the labor market – says the employer expert from the Republic of Poland.

According to Jeremy Mordasewicz, part of the funds from the Labor Fund should go to the professional activation of Ukrainians so that they are productive in our market. It is therefore important to learn the Polish language. As the expert notes, a lot of refugees are flocking to the province. in the Lublin and Subcarpathian regions. However, there must be more traffic to the west of the country, because the border areas will not withstand such an influx of people.

– We can better prepare Ukrainians for the realities of our labor market. First of all, you need to help them write their CV in Polish and indicate popular portals and places with job offers that already have offers in Ukrainian. Secondly, it is worth helping them learn the language in everyday conversations, incl. about work. Thirdly, it is necessary to recommend people to employers if they can fill staffing shortages in given enterprises – adds Katarzyna Lorenc.

The president of the collection platform Szczytny-Cel.pl says he is satisfied that about ten people have entered the labor market in a short time, although from the point of view of the whole economy this is not just a small drop in the ocean of immense needs. Nevertheless, it is worth encouraging entrepreneurs to this kind of help. And as Maciej Kamiński announces, the company will certainly not stop there, because it sees a lot of meaning in it, not only economically, but also socially.

– Our labor market could benefit from the influx of Ukrainians. Polish workers should not be afraid of this, as similar situations have occurred in many other countries. And nothing to worry about happened there. Refugees will not take their jobs as they usually start at the lower rungs of the career ladder. Plus they definitely won’t

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