Apple AirTag after a year – I don’t regret a single zloty. Almost perfect locator

Much has been written and said about AirTags since its inception. The ecstasies have been replaced by concerns about privacy and illegal tracking, and by the end of April it will be a year since I started using it. Couldn’t have used PLN 150 better.

Even before AirTags appeared on the market, their premiere was mentioned several times. It was meant to be a small revolution by Apple, as a carefully constructed ecosystem is the perfect space for such a gadget. Small Tablet with a removable battery connects to Apple devices via Bluetooth and allows you to update your location regularly. What? Anything, because around AirTag there is a big market of holders, lanyards, key rings, etc. It can also be simply hidden in a backpack, wallet, in the frame of the bicycle or in the glove compartment of the car. User creativity was endless.

You can forget AirTag, but it will remember itself

I bought the AirTag as soon as it became available as I had used various similar devices in the past. First from Nokia, then from Tile. However, none of them have been so easy and fun to use. Such conditions are only available for users of Apple equipment, but since I also use them, AirTag seemed to me to be the best solution. I won’t hide from you that over the year I even forgot to have this gadget. When the situation didn’t require it, I didn’t care where he was, because everyday keys, wallet, backpack or other objects were within sight. When I hit the road, everything changed.

As needed, AirTag look at one of my most important subjects, allowing me to make sure he is with me all the time. Smartphone notifications sometimes reminded me that I had left it somewhere else, and when I started looking for a wallet or keys, I could quickly follow them by listening to the sound or using the U1 module. The second method makes it possible to indicate the location of the AirTag very precisely, since the smartphone screen displays precise directions: distance and direction. Something fabulous.

Where are my keys? Did I forget my wallet?

More importantly, AirTag can shine in the most unexpected moments. It’s not about fooling around with the function of spotting nearby or following my friends the most, but about being constantly awake and watching over my stuff. If I leave something important to me where I shouldn’t, I will be notified shortly afterwards. In some circumstances we do not have the ability to quickly check that we have not forgotten to take one or the other thing, so the problem will be solved by looking at the smartphone application, where we will make sure that everything is fine.

It may sound funny or trivial as I write about it, but it’s probably one of the best things to live with. Communicating with some gadgets or solutions only affects the imagination, we have the opportunity to test them in practice. I could write about a smartwatch in the same way, because although I can do without an Apple Watch on my wrist, it makes daily contact with others or payments so much easier that its absence is a clear reminder of it. Apple hasn’t thought through all of the application scenarios for AirTag, so updates and patches were needed to ensure these cheap gadgets aren’t so easily used for malicious purposes, but the company probably won’t protect itself. never completely against it.

Will there be anything better than AirTag?

After a year with AirTag, I don’t regret a single zloty spent on this accessory, because it saved me from losing much more valuable things. By using AirTag you can also save time if we are used to losing things like keys. Apple wasn’t the first and isn’t the only company to come up with such a device, but their idea made it the only sensible choice. Every iPhone, iPad, or MacBook on this globe can help you find our AirTag, so that’s pretty reassuring. Whether it’s still attached to our backpack or our bag is another matter, but I don’t think we can do better yet.

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