Diablo Immortal – despite the enemies, I’m looking forward to this game

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April 27, 2022, 4:01 p.m.

Diablo Immortal began as an object of mockery and hate in the fatal form of an announcement at BlizzCon. Over time, however, it started earning sympathy points from gamers and now, after the PC version was announced, it might turn out to be a better Diablo 3 than the 2012 version.

I don’t know what happened other than it was pretty much unavoidable. Did Microsoft force a change in approach? Or maybe the PC version Diablo Immortal was in the plans from the very beginning? Or Activision Blizzard decided to release the game to appease waiting gamers Diablo 4? In the age of fluid PR discussions, we’ll probably never know, but the fact remains – Diablo Immortal will arrive on PC and although it is a much easier game to use, paradoxically it may turn out to be better Diablo 3.

You don’t have a PC…sorry, phones?

The beginning was terrible. We all remember the groan of disappointment and the chuckles of disgruntled fans, led by the BlizzCon cast: “Is this an off-season April Fool’s joke?”. And frankly? Blizzard deserved such reactions to the sweat of his brow. Once with ad Diablo 4 there was still a delay, two that the giant’s flagship event didn’t bring any other major announcements. Well, it looked mediocre, a storm and biting heheszki swept the internet, and besides, it wasn’t Activision Blizzard’s baddest offense to come to light in recent years. Compared to other pranks (like bullying cases), it’s a shame Diablo Immortal it actually looks like an innocent joke at the expense of a host of starving gamers, but a certain disgust remains.

Waiting for Diablo Immortal despite the haters, here's why - Illustration #1

Nevertheless, over time, my perception of mobile hack’n’slash began to change, contrary to the prevailing fashion for hate. Immortal. There have been several beta testing phases which have shown that this is actually a pretty cool game. Moreover, the creators were quite actively reacting to community suggestions and introducing other improvements to the application, which made it better and better. Quietly, serenely, an increasingly positive image of the game was taking shape before our eyes. And here we are landed this week, just after the announcement of the PC port. I don’t know if I’ll pass with Immortal millions of hours, this could be a snack for other games, but still – part of me is looking forward to this premiere.

Simpler but cooler Diablo

Immortal has certain advantages over Diablo 3 and therefore, it may turn out to be a more interesting item. Once it comes out almost ten years after the premiere of its predecessor, so we had time to draw conclusions, and two, that seems… a much less pretentious game.

Of course, don’t get me wrong – this is a book with a “moving” pedigree. Controls will be more like z Darksiders: Genesis or other hack’n’slash – arcade console, ie you run with the keyboard, and aim and attack with the mouse. So it will be a little different Diablolighter and more arcadey, but probably not worse. He just hides less with what he once wanted to achieve Diablo 3 – and what it got when it hit consoles. Immortal in fact, it couldn’t have a different control model, as the developers would have to revamp the whole skill system and cast them.

Also, some opponents – at least the bosses I remember from the beta, and the ones featured on the gameplay in the new version – will be bullet sponges, but Immortal wants a bolder use of MMO elements. Also, the skill tree has been simplified a bit compared to the already simple z approach Diablo 3but for that the game makes up for it – as an MMO-related product – with a variety of activities, expeditions and ideas.

Waiting for Diablo Immortal despite the haters, here's why - Illustration #2

I myself used to play the beta version and had positive impressions of it. The only problem I had with it, although I didn’t realize it for a long time, is this: I don’t know if I could sustain this game as long as with stationary hack’n’slashes. I just don’t want to spend hours with my head bent over the phone screen (FOYER WHAT ELSE, I DO IT FOR A LONG TIME! REALLY!). Plus – everything was in its place. The feeling of the fight was as “evil” as possible, from the beginning I let the demons descend with my “bearded man” and it was pleasant to watch it and participate in it. Loot was dropping at a reasonable rate, damn it, even the plot felt…pretty good. At these stages I tested you might not feel overwhelming horror, but the writers have graciously forgiven us the pompous, apocryphal superhero of Diablo 3 (the idea of ​​Nephalem children of angels and demons is the worst thing that happened to this series). Or at least they masked themselves a little with her.

It may be a hardware problem on which Diablo Immortal arises, but even this “mobilka” drew conclusions from the reaction to the graphics Diablo 3. aesthetically Immortal it’s still very similar to the previous installment in the series and we’ll probably have a lot of deja vu, and yet… limiting the color palette and their slight dimming and darkening (judging by the trailer) is very helpful for the game and directs the visuals in the right direction. Or at least closer to what we originally expected from Diablo 3.

And yes – at first glance everything looks good. Of course, many other things could go wrong. The monetization policy may turn out to be day-to-day theft (an auction house for what?), the app may steal our data, and the network code may be leaky like that of Diablo 3 the day of the premiere.

So far, however, it looks pretty good. i don’t know how long Immortal will attract players. True, everyone will attack them for a while, because it will be free. Is it enough with a somewhat simplified gameplay model? All it depends on how much we really expect the next one Diabloand how much we just think so.


All in all, I’m curious how the spell will turn out Diablo Immortal. I believe this title will be famous because of what it went through and the series it came from. Is it sufficient? Maybe in combination with free distribution and solid gameplay – yes. If only from the success of this side project, someone from tables and income wouldn’t draw the wrong conclusions…

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