Gliwicka Przystań 35 – an exceptional place

Great power of good – these are three words to describe what has happened in recent weeks on Warszawska Street in Gliwice. The local government of Gliwice, contractors and dozens of wonderful volunteers are renovating the building, in which people in need will soon find a substitute for housing and the help they need.

The express pace of work on Warszawska Street in Gliwice does not slow down. A unique place is being created at number 35a. A place born from a need of the heart, in the conviction that by acting together we can do more and faster. In addition to the local government of Gliwice, the project involves private companies, municipal units and enterprises, as well as uniformed services. The rapid renovation action of the city of Gliwice, IKEA Katowice, Johnson Matthey, Mapei, AIUT and Radan will end on May 10. The building of the former Psychological and Pedagogical Clinic is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. Its first temporary objective will be to provide shelter to Ukrainian citizens. In addition, thanks to the modifications, it will be possible to accommodate disabled people on one of the floors (ground floor). However, the city and the partners of this project have no doubt that this place should also be a safe haven for the inhabitants of Gliwice who need the most support in the future. The host of Gliwicka Przystania 35 will be the Gliwice Social Welfare Centre. It is planned to create so-called training apartments in this building.

The training apartment is not only about providing a roof for people in difficult life situations, but above all about the idea of ​​partnership cooperation between residents and specialists, such as psychologists, therapists, educators, family work specialists, social workers, consultants and lawyers. . The aim of such cooperation is that residents acquire skills and competences that will enable them to live independently and with dignity in the future. The offer of practice apartments will be directed, among others, to single mothers or homeless women. In addition, the facility will implement local social projects and local community support activities for residents of Szobiszowice and Zatorze.explains Brygida Jankowska, director of OPS in Gliwice.

It is the employees of the Gliwice Social Welfare Center who are involved in every stage of the work with great commitment. Volunteering plays an important role in this project. Johnson Matthey is also a strong supporter of this business area.

– When I am often asked what volunteering means to me, I answer that it is creating good for the other party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or an animal, it’s important to help when needed. Once, in the company, we asked our volunteers why they helped. We heard various motivations, but one seemed extremely genuine: “I help, because sometimes I need help myself” – says Ludmiła Kulawik, Human Resources Manager at Johnson Matthey.

Thank you, among others Such an approach, at 35a Warszawska Street, undoubtedly creates a unique place designed with great care to create a substitute for a house. All rooms and fittings are designed by IKEA Katowice. The first 50 pallets filled with interior furniture have already arrived at Gliwicka Przystań 35 from IKEA warehouses. A total of 11 tons of furniture and accessories are to be assembled, which will create a home in this place. They will be submitted by volunteers from AIUT and Johnson Matthey, companies involved in the Gliwice project from the very beginning, offering support and assistance.

A sense of community and concern for people are our key values. The initiative of the City of Gliwice to create a hostel for people with difficult refugee experience, which in the future will also serve the inhabitants of the city, fits into these assumptions. Therefore, the decision to join this initiative was natural for us. It is a unique and in many respects record-breaking social project. Both in terms of implementation time and scale of the project. In less than three weeks from the first meeting with city officials, we fit out the renovated interiors. It is a great merit of everyone, of the local government and of all the partners of this project – says Magdalena Krokowska-Wicherek, director of the IKEA Katowice region.

Gliwicka Przystań 35 is not only rooms, but also common areas: kitchen, dining room, playrooms and study for children. Colors, decor and functionality are designed to create a safe home space.

Gliwicka Przystań 35 is a place meant to be a new beginning for many people. We have adapted the raw rooms to the needs of future residents, creating warm and friendly interiors. The ground floor has been specially designed taking into account the needs of disabled people. Everything is kept in subdued light gray colors, but with three additional accents of brighter colors. Blue, green and yellow are the colors that distinguish individual floors. They symbolize peace and hope. The common areas have been designed in accordance with the way of life of future residents. Ukrainian families have a strong need for socialization, which is why the dining room will have two large tables where up to 14 people can sit together at each meal. When designing and equipping the individual spaces, it was also important to us to meet the needs of the youngest members of the house, which is why we have furnished common areas for children and teenagers – to play and learn. In the study room we have provided desks for independent work, but also for collaborative study – adds Joanna Monsiorska, interior designer of the IKEA store in Katowice, responsible for the design of the space at Gliwicka Przystania 35.

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