Household appliances with the Internet of Things. Samsung presents the new bespoke kitchen appliances

The participants of the event discovered new equipment, such as the ShoeDresser, the Cube refrigerator or the smart water purification tap. All of these devices meet users’ needs for smart solutions that support the multifunctionality of the home space and the growing importance of hygiene.

User-friendly kitchen

New plant Custom kitchen are the first – apart from refrigerators – CUSTOM-MADE household appliances that will be introduced to the market in line with the philosophy of personalizing all kitchen appliances. BESPOKE kitchen focuses on innovative refrigerators that offer Samsung’s large capacity, convenience and excellent cooling performance, as well as customization options inside and out. If the preferences of the user of the BESPOKE equipment change, he will be able to easily change the appearance of the refrigerator – the panels can be purchased independently from the refrigerator and replaced several times.

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In Europe users will have the choice of two-door refrigerators with bottom freezer, one-door TWIN (fridge/freezer) appliances and one-door (45 cm) SLIM refrigerators with the possibility of lowering the temperature down to -5 degrees C. Design modular allows you to combine devices and adapt them to your changing needs. The new refrigerators with removable exterior panels will be available in a wide range of colors: both warm pastels and intense shades. Elegant Lavender, Satin Beige, Cream Blue or Natural White are just some of the many colors of the BESPOKE panels, which are made of glass (matt or glossy) or steel. Samsung BESPOKE offers nearly 20 options to choose from that open up endless possibilities when it comes to decoration.

Appliances adapted to your new lifestyle

Today, as our homes have become offices, gyms and classrooms all rolled into one, the new Bespoke Home appliances meet everyday needs, offering greater flexibility in space management, l automation and hygiene.

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New devices introduced to the market include:

– The latest Samsung Jet™ vacuum cleaner (included with Clean Station™ and charging station) – All-in-one cleaning solution. After you finish vacuuming, you just need to dock the device, which will empty itself of the collected dust and start charging. The new Jet – in three colors – will be available in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia from August.

– AI Jet Bot+ – the first robot vacuum equipped with an Intel® AI solution. The smart vacuum cleaner uses object recognition technology using LiDAR and 3D sensors and determines the optimal cleaning path. Jet Bot AI+ is also equipped with a camera. The device has been integrated with the SmartThings app to be part of a remotely managed home. It will be available in the US, Europe, CIS and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2021.

– CUSTOM-MADE air purifier with a Wind-Free ™ silent system – the device uses lasers to detect particles in the air, and the air itself is sucked in from five sides at the same time. The filtration system ensures that 99.97% of particles, allergens and pollutants are captured. It will be available for purchase in North America starting in June.

– CUSTOMIZED AirDresser – just like the standard Samsung AirDresser – it offers a variety of solutions in the field of clothing care, so that we can always have clothes refreshed and sanitized without leaving the house. The device with improved BESPOKE design will be available in selected markets.

Other home appliances were also showcased during the virtual event:

Shoedresser – takes care of users’ favorite shoes so they last longer and always look like new. In addition, it deodorizes (removes unpleasant odors) and dries various types of shoes worn by family members. The device uses powerful airflow and UV radiation to non-invasively remove dirt and germs without damaging delicate materials such as suede. It fits easily in the hallway or at the front door so that users can put their shoes on immediately after coming home.

Cubic refrigerator – modular cooling unit for rooms other than kitchens. It allows you to store products such as wine, beer and cosmetics. It’s quiet enough to place in the bedroom, next to the living room couch, or anywhere around the house.

New water purifier – a modular solution for installation under the sink, depending on the model – standard, cooling or cooling and heating – equipped with one or more taps. Also, if needed, a simpler model can be easily modified to accommodate more taps. The solution offers a 4-stage system that can filter up to 2,500 liters of water – the amount a family of four drinks per year. The device can also be connected to SmartThings. In this way, instructions can be given about the required amount of water or temperature settings via smartphone.

Samsung Bespoke / Press Materials

SmartThings makes everyday life easier

However, custom design and extraordinary flexibility are not everything. Through the use of artificial intelligence and automation, Bespoke Home’s vision also includes Smart Home solutions. Samsung uses SmartThings to provide users with a simple home management system that can save time and make household chores more efficient. This is especially true today when so many aspects of our lives have moved on.

SmartThings Kitchen – syncs with BESPOKE kitchen appliances via Wi-Fi to deliver personalized meal plans based on user preferences, using ingredients at home. The service is now available in North America and, from April, it can also be used by users in certain countries in Europe.

SmartThings Pet – uses Wi-Fi to sync with equipment such as the BESPOKE Cube Air Air Purifier and Jet Bot AI+ Vacuum Cleaner to allow users to monitor their pets at home. The service will be available in the US and select European countries later this year.

SmartThings Clothing Care syncs with BESPOKE AirDresser and smart washing machines via Wi-Fi to increase washing efficiency. The service recommends cycles and settings that ensure optimal care of clothes, so the user does not have to wonder which program to choose. It also allows you to automatically order your detergent when it runs out. The service is now available in the United States and some countries in Europe.

SmartThings Air syncs with Samsung air purifier and air conditioner to monitor air quality inside and outside user’s home in real time. This service will be available in the United States this year.

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