iPhone now in “green”. Can be replaced by latest iPhone every 2 years Plus

Also, as the only telecommunications operator on the Polish market, introduces a program under which you can buy an iPhone in small installments and replace it with a newer model every 2 years.

Simply choose any subscription and iPhone in the contract for 36 installments. After paying 24 out of 36 installments, the client will be able to decide what they want to do next:

1. do not repay the remaining 12 installments, return the iPhone without unnecessary formalities and take a new iPhone with a new contract. The returned iPhone must be in good working and working condition, but may show normal signs of use,

2. Pay the remaining amount in full or in 12 installments and leave the phone to yourself.

Existing Plus customers who extend their subscription contract will not pay the initial charge for the iPhone. If they decide to get an additional iPhone subscription, they will get the next one for PLN 1 to start with. New subscribers will pay no more than 10% of the smartphone’s value to get started. The rest will be divided into installments

In Plus REPLACEMENT, you will be able to replace your iPhone with the newer one every 2 years, saving up to 33% of the value of the device. The offer applies to the entire iPhone wallet available in Plus.

Existing Plus Customers extend the contract and choose, for example, the iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB in the program More EXCHANGE without the initial payment, after the obligatory 24 installments of 148.60 PLN per month and the cancellation of the last 12 installments, they will pay a total of 3,566.40 PLN for the device. By deciding to replace the device, they will save PLN 1782.60. By way of comparison, in the case of a traditional 24-month installment contract (i.e. not in More EXCHANGE) the payment would be 222.89 PLN / month.

New customers of Pluswho will choose for example the iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB in the program More EXCHANGE together with the initial payment, after 24 installments they will pay a total of 3,744.27 PLN. By choosing to replace the device with a newer model, they will save PLN 1,604.64. The monthly installment will be only 133.72 PLN / month, and after 24 installments they can replace their smartphone with a newer model. For comparison, in the case of traditional payments at 0% for 24 months (i.e. not in the More EXCHANGE) the payment would be 200.58 PLN / month.

Complete list of Apple devices available in Plus

IPhone smartphones will be available for sale in showrooms and on the Plus site. Additionally, the offer will also include a selection of wireless AirPods earphone models. In the coming months, the list of available Apple devices will be expanded.

iPhone 11 64 GB

iPhone 12 mini 64 GB

iPhone 12 64 GB

iPhone 12 128 GB

iPhone 13 mini 128 GB

iPhone 13 128 GB

iPhone 13 256 GB

iPhone 13 512 GB

iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB

iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB

iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB

iPhone 13 Pro 1TB

iPhone 13 Pro MAX 128 GB

iPhone 13 Pro MAX 256 GB

iPhone 13 Pro MAX 512 GB

iPhone 13 Pro MAX 1TB

iPhone SE 2022 64 GB

2nd Generation AirPods

3rd generation AirPods

AirPods Pro with MagSafe

People interested in buying an iPhone in Plus can subscribe to the list on the plus.pl/iphone website.

In addition, in order to increase the level of protection against unpleasant situations related to damage to the smartphone, it will be possible to opt for the optional Premium Device Service. Service for 20 PLN for 30 days allows you to repair a mechanically damaged smartphone purchased in the Plus network once a year.

iPhone smartphones used by Plus network customers are technically supported by Apple. The list of functions currently certified is as follows:



FaceTime on cellular,


Personal hotspot.

The 5G Plus network is supported by all iPhone models of the 12 and 13 series and the iPhone SE (3rd generation). In addition, the configuration of MMS and Personal Hotspot settings has been simplified in all models.

For the proper functioning of 5G and other certified Plus network services, you must update the iOS system to version 15.4 and the operator settings.

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