Nintendo Switch Sports – reviews and opinions about the game [Switch]. Is there mass? You can prune


One of the most popular games in history is Wii Sport and, according to current data, it is the fourth most purchased production in history – players have reached 82.9 million copies of the production. Adding to this result the performance of the Wii Sports Resort (33.14 million) and forgetting the loss in the form of the Wii Sports Club, Big N fans reached more than 116 million coins of the series, which does not never shone with a unique setting, didn’t deliver gigantic content, and didn’t offer many hours of campaigning, but most importantly, it offered a lot of fun with friends. And years later, Nintendo Sports are back to deliver…a very similar experience.

After turning on the tested Nintendo Switch Sports, we have access to three modes – online games (1-2 players), play with AI or with friends on a single screen (1-4) and compete with friends on the network (1-2). When we choose a variant, we can choose six sports: volleyball, badminton, bowling, football, chambara and tennis. If you have had the opportunity to play previous Nintendo sports, you will easily notice that the three proposals (tennis, bowling, chambara) are back and that the production does not offer dizzying content for singers either – it is is a competitive game with buddies who will come to you with the right potions and through you will face various struggles for several hours. However, when you can’t count on such attractions or don’t intend to spend many hours in online clashes, this is definitely not the title for you.

However, I must point out here that although Nintendo sent us the production a few weeks ago, at that time I had only had the opportunity to check out the gameplay offline. It was only today that an update was released that will let me see the full content, so it will take me a few days to update the review and post my final impressions.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you have to dress up at the start…

Nintendo, when preparing Nintendo Switch Sports, took care of a very neat and thoughtful menu, in which we can create our avatar at the beginning. When creating a character, we not only choose elements such as eyes, eyebrows, hair, but we can also dress the hero or take care of his accessories – although we would only get them in the modes in line.

All tabs are very transparent, and activating the main sports menu gives precise information on the number of players and the controllers required – in volleyball, badminton, bowling and tennis, each player uses only one Joy -Cona, and in chambar we can reach two pads or only one. The situation is different in football, because it is the only competition that not only requires two Joy-Cones in the main variant (there is no option to play with 1 pad), but only in additional competition ( single shot), we have to wear a special armband. However, I’m sure if you buy the digital edition of the game and don’t have an extra gimmick, you won’t really lose much.

Nintendo Switch Sports x Rocket League? This is by far the best competition!

Nintendo Switch Sports - review - tennis

Football made the biggest impression on me in the Nintendo Switch Sports review. The competition allows you to participate in individual or four-player competitions, or those who are interested can test their shooting skills. In the case of this last proposal, we put on a leg band, the SI throws the ball and we have to swing the leg to aim the ball in the light of the goal. To be honest, I didn’t like this proposal, but when I turned on the “classic” ball, I couldn’t get away from the console.

soccer by Nintendo Switch Sports it’s basically Rocket League – our hero can bounce the ball off the walls, he throws his whole body in the right direction when he wants to shoot, and Nintendo conquers the competition and when we start winning, the next goal can be worth up ‘with 2 points. The action is dynamic, fun and there’s a lot going on here – the gameplay, due to two Joy-Cones being held in their hands, is also the most static and the only contest I can play without getting up from the couch .

The situation is different in the case of volleyball, which can be played by up to four players – two per team. It is by far the most complicated competition, because we have to perform various actions: at the beginning it is worth serving well, when the opponents try to hit the ball at our side, we can block the attack, and that is worth also know well the reception, exposure and of course your shot.

Nintendo Switch Sports - review - chambara

When playing volleyball it’s hard to sit still, because here it’s really easy to empathize, literally jump when attacking, throw yourself on the court or try to block the ball. attack the other team with their whole body. Classic – the more players, the more fun, because each member of the team will have their task, and you can count on a lot of fun, laughter, but also fierce competition.

Volleyball is certainly the most difficult sport, but I must point out that Nintendo took care of a very good guide – we get the necessary information before each competition, we can learn the right moves and every time I felt that the game prepared me for the game to come. Nintendo also reminds you at every step to stand in the right place relative to the TV and other players and to remember the Joy-Con straps – thanks to them the controllers won’t fly towards the TV.

Nintendo Switch Sports is full of chaos (controlled)

Nintendo Switch Sports - review - volleyball

If volleyball is the most difficult competition, then chambara is certainly the most chaotic game – in this situation, players have the opportunity to grab special sticks and use them to knock the opponent out of the arena. One or two Joy-Cons (depending on the game – with one or two sticks) serve as a tool for attack, but also for defense. The player must maneuver the device in his hand appropriately to use it to perform effective attacks, but at the same time do not forget about defense, because by deflecting an opponent’s blow we open the door to a counterattack.

Chambara is also a proposal that rewards the best mastery of the game in the Nintendo Switch Sports review – in this sport, the longer you play, the better you control the confrontation, and the fight between two experienced players promises to be really interesting, because everyone is waiting for the right move to attack.

Nintendo Switch Sports - review - bowling

Bowling offers a much calmer fight for points – here you just grab a Joy-Con in your hand, hold the button, wave your hand and you can watch the thrown ball smash the pegs . In this case, the creators offer classic gameplay, but one can also choose the second option, during which during the competition it is necessary to pay attention to obstacles in the form, for example, of moving elements on the track. The gameplay is very calm and it’s easy to offer this competition even to the youngest players – remember to secure the controllers well.

In bowling we can change the position of the player and precisely adjust the throw, so you will quickly find the perfect point where we have the best chance of capturing all the pieces. It’s not particularly difficult, but it can be very satisfying – although you need the right team with similar skills, because in such a situation you can count on fierce competition until the very end.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you’ll grab two rackets

Nintendo Switch Sports - review - football

In the Nintendo Switch Sports review, we can pick up a tennis racket to play a series of matches with friends – up to four players can participate in the competition, but even if there are two players, each can control two characters. Here, I don’t recommend sitting on the couch, because even though the characters move around the field themselves, you have to position your body well to hit the ball the right way. The fun does not differ much from the well-known gameplay, but it’s hard to get bored here again.

In terms of gameplay, badminton is very similar to tennis, but of course the court is smaller and we have to attack in a different way – it’s very similar to the real sport, which isn’t really strange given the assumptions of the exam Nintendo Switch Sports. At the beginning, we start with a service from below, and after a while we start a series of strong attacks – the opponent can defend himself in an interesting way by sending the shuttlecock closer or further from the net. A maximum of two players can participate in a match at the same time.

In tennis, badminton and chambar, we see better how the Joy-Cony picks up the slightest movement of the hand and allows the player to play freely. While gaming, I didn’t feel like the system was picking up my movements badly – in fact, I didn’t experience any issues while gaming.

Is it worth buying Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo put it on for sure, but it didn’t get massive content. The Nintendo Switch Sports tested isn’t impressive in terms of the number of competitions, expansion of variants, or special leaderboards. The Japanese do not offer many modes, but again for this series – the gameplay does not disappoint at all. Virtually every competition offers attractions that are often hard to find in many competitive productions, and playing with friends on a single screen offers plenty of excitement. Sports are easy to learn even for young players, but the longer you play, the better control you’ll have over your character and the more fun you’ll have.

Nintendo goes against the grain without providing leaderboards, tournaments or even meaningful statistics – in this situation, it remains to write down your results with friends on a piece of paper. As I mentioned though, at the moment I couldn’t see exactly what the online mode was like, so I’ll wait a few days with the full review so I can try the multiplayer game and check how the servers work .

If you’re counting on Nintendo Switch Sports to be a typical sequel to Nintendo’s big hits, you won’t be disappointed, but I’m sure the Big N in 2022 should bring something more.


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