PKO BP discloses the data. Customers love this feature

PKO Bank Polski has released a handful of statistics on its customers’ conversations with banking artificial intelligence. Some of them were made with a voice assistant sewn into the IKO app.

PKO Bank Polski is the undisputed leader in the Polish banking sector in the field of natural language understanding and processing. We are constantly developing the language skills of the IKO voice assistant and will constantly expand it with new elements and functions. It’s a tool in the IKO app that our customers love and use avidly. The bank responds to their growing demands and new needs, and accompanies them with new solutions using artificial intelligence so that they can use banking services quickly, easily and securely.

– said Katarzyna Dziwulska, Director of the Strategy and Digital Transformation Division of PKO Bank Polski

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He is mostly busy dealing with bank customers bot that directs incoming calls to the hotline – it replaces the interactive voice menu (“if you are an individual, press 1”). He greets the customer and asks for information about what he is calling, then directs him to the appropriate advisor, provides an answer or helps complete a banking transaction from start to finish. The caller does not have to waste time on the next “press 2, press 5” but goes immediately to where they receive help. This voice robot includes 280 different topics and has already conducted a total of 5 million interviews, currently runs about 500,000 each month. conversation.

When we implemented the first conversational solutions using artificial intelligence two years ago, many people only treated them as a curiosity. Today, we can see that the ongoing digital transformation is associated with a growing demand for automatic, yet user-friendly customer service. Our customers are supported by voice robots that allow them to communicate freely in natural language, ie as if they were talking to their friends and family, and the numbers show that they like these contacts.

– said Dawid Kin, director of the artificial intelligence development office of PKO Bank Polski

Among IKO users the popularity of the voice assistant continues to grow, a bot that lets you bank with spoken (and written) commands. It is the most advanced voicebot in the Polish financial market. Since its launch, it has already achieved more than 1.4 million calls with customers, it is currently about 90 thousand. monthly dialogues. At first he understood over 70 conversation topicsnow it’s up to them over 300 and this number will continue to increase. The wizard has already more than 500 thousand unique users.

Voicebot PKO BP

In addition to answering many questions, the IKO voice assistant can do, among other things make a transfer, change card operating limits, check your status and search your account history, recharge the phone if pay with BLIK. It also allows the analysis of expenses and savings over a given period. The IKO user can check how much he is spending on credit bonds, card payments, outgoing transfers, ATM withdrawals and other payments. Recently, he can also see the sum of card payments in a specific store.

The second option is to check the savings in your account. Both options allow you to select the currency, account and time period (current month, previous month, last 3 months, last 6 months and last year) for which the analysis should be performed. The amounts of expenses and savings are presented graphically – in the form of graphs (bars) and summaries, which the voice assistant gives in spoken and textual form. All IKO users, using both Android and iOS smartphones, can use the assistant from the beginning of August 2020. They do not need to install it, just click on the icon of the Animated speech bubble in the top right corner of the app’s main screen.

There is still work at PKO Bank Polski 10 other voice robotswhich, among other things, remind customers to pay arrears, conduct surveys, examine the willingness to purchase a product or protect the customer’s finances. Work is underway on other solutions using chatbots and the development of current ones – this shows that artificial intelligence is helping the bank’s customers and employees and has become one of the technological pillars of its digital transformation .

In total, PKO Bank Polski customers have already achieved 10 million calls with banking artificial intelligencewho lasted more than 120 thousand hours.

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Image source: MOZCO Mateusz Szymanski /, PKO BP

Text source: PKO BP

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