Szymon Fiecek is the new chairman of the SA group

Szymon Fiecek has been appointed Chairman of the Board of SA Group, which also includes the TELEPOLIS.PL portal. The new boss must pursue the company’s portfolio diversification strategy.

The company is managed by a strong and well-coordinated team with a well-defined responsibility and scope of activities. Thanks to the appointment of the president of Szymon Fieck, who has been with the company since its inception, the company gains a stronger and more proven leader and captain who knows the Polish financial and consumer insurance market in a version modern fintech and insurtech.

– said Marek Dojnow, chairman of the supervisory board of SA

Szymon Fiecek is an industry expert in fintech, e-commerce and deferred payments. He joined in 2008, first as IT Director. Szymon is a computer science graduate who, since 1996, has been involved in many projects related to the then fledgling internet business in Poland. He has worked for the retail, real estate, e-commerce and tourism industries. At Comperia, he was responsible for the digitization and automation of business processes.

In 2013, he was appointed corporate officer of SA and Comperia Ubezpieczenia sp.

I am satisfied with the position of CEO entrusted to me. I am aware that it is not only about enjoying my current role within the Comperia group, but also about handing over the responsibility for the continued dynamic growth of our company. So far, for the third consecutive year, we have doubled our results, despite the turbulence linked to the pandemic. We are effectively increasing our reach in the world of e-commerce and credit and loan brokerage, without neglecting current sources of income: insurance and performance advertising. This strategy will continue to be implemented.

– said Szymon Fiecek, President of SA

The company is expanding its e-commerce sales department, currently twice (compared to the beginning of 2022), and even five times by the end of the year. The President also announces the presence of Comfino services on four SaaS platforms supporting e-commerce. Comfino is a payment solution for e-shops that works like a plug, and after implementation in an online store, it will adjust the payment options of a product or service to a given customer.

Personal and organizational changes

They sit on the company’s board of directors Szymon Fiecekthe newly appointed president as well Pawel Szukalski, which will continue to focus on business development and sale of services, both, as well as ComperiaRaty, ComperiaUbezpieczenia and He says goodbye to the organization Wojciech Malek, that I thank the company for more than four years of work as a member of the board of directors. Appointed corporate officer Cezary TokarskiDirector of Sales and Business Development, associated with SA since 2015.

What does Comperia do?

The SA group is a fintech operating since 2008, whose mission is to provide tailor-made financial and insurance solutions. Since 2011, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The main pillars of the company’s activity are online credit intermediation, insurance, e-commerce and financial comparison sites. The Group also includes the portalis among the five most read technology websites in Poland and has 5 million real users per month.

Last year, we focused on an even more qualitative and expert description of the technology, because the Polish Internet lacked it.

– added Szymon Fiecek

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The SA group is the owner of TELEPOLIS.PL

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