The best Teams features in Microsoft 365 for business

Microsoft Teams is the information and communication management center for many companies around the world. Since its creation, it has received many updates introducing new functions and possibilities. Discover the best features of Teams that will help you improve communication and work in your organization.

Microsoft Teams – Messenger for business in Office 365

Teams is the communication hub for businesses using Microsoft Office 365. The app replaced Skype as the default messenger offered to organizations and businesses as part of the app suite. Microsoft, however, didn’t just change the logo and interface layout.

At first, many users had reservations about how Teams worked, but thanks to updates and new features, Teams was finally able to spread its wings. This was made possible by the Microsoft 365 cloud, which enabled the constant improvement of Microsoft applications and tools. When a new feature is ready, you don’t have to wait for the next version of the suite, like Office 2021, to use it.

The pandemic and the global shift of employees to the remote working model also had a big impact on the development of the app. Seeing competition from Zoom or Slack, Microsoft knew it needed to speed up the development of its messaging. Thanks to this, over the past few years, Teams has become something more than just an enterprise chat and meeting app.

The best features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a very simple messenger, which you will have access to, among other things, through Microsoft Office 365 licenses. It is clearly divided into tabs and windows for individual functions. However, it has many more or less visible functions that can significantly affect productivity and working comfort.

Access OneDrive from the chat window

OneDrive is an integral part of every Microsoft Office 365 toolbox. Thanks to it, each employee has their own cloud space where they can store documents, images or any other file. Using a cloud drive allows you to access the entire directory from any internet-connected device.

To facilitate file sharing in Teams, OneDrive has been sewn directly into messaging. If you want to send a document in a chat, you don’t need to search for it in a folder or disk in your browser. Just click on the attachment icon and choose OneDrive. In the new window, you can find the target file and send it without leaving the chat window.

Co-creation within Teams

Using the Microsoft 365 cloud, employees across the organization can quickly and easily share documents, without having to save and email them. Microsoft, however, went a step further and made it possible to edit and co-author documents without having to open a new window.

When a file is shared in a chat message, when clicked, Teams opens it by default in the Messenger window. Of course, you can choose to run the application or open the file in the browser. The default method, however, is a great way to quickly edit and edit your content.

Highlight and pin messages

If Teams is your company’s default mode of communication, message overload can make it difficult to spot critical chat information. Fortunately, Microsoft has included two methods in Teams to highlight important news. One of them marks the message as Important (messages are highlighted in red) or Urgent (the recipient receives a reminder of the message every 2 minutes).

The second method is to pin the message to the chat. With this feature, the selected message is highlighted above the chat window and is always visible until unpinned.

Professional presentations during the meeting

Organizing meetings and giving presentations is part of everyday life in Microsoft Teams. However, many users may not be aware of a few useful features available in a meeting. If you make presentations and use a PowerPoint file, you can create the best image quality.

Instead of sharing the screen with the open presentation, in the sharing options window, select the target presentation in the PowerPoint Live section. Teams will upload the file to meeting memory, so attendees see the presentation in high quality and you can use slide notes.

There may be times during a meeting where the camera preview can be quite distracting. To focus on the content of your presentation and not be distracted by your own camera view, you can hide your computer’s camera view. All you have to do is hover the mouse cursor over the camera window, click the options icon, then click the w option. Hide for me.

External apps in the Teams window

Switching between app windows or browser tabs can be cumbersome. That’s why Teams has been given the ability to install and run external apps in the messaging window. Examples of such applications are Jira Server, Confluence Cloud, TeamViewer or Adobe Creative Cloud. Thanks to them, you can customize your Teams to better suit the functions or tasks you perform on a daily basis.

To install additional tools, navigate to the Applications tab on the left side of the Teams window. You’ll see a catalog divided into categories where you can browse available apps or search for a specific tool. Select any app and click Add.

Apps displayed in the full Teams window can be pinned to the sidebar for easier access. Right click on the icon and choose an option pin it.

In which packages is Microsoft Teams available?

Since its launch, Teams has become the central application for Office and Microsoft 365. As a result, it is available in most professional variants of Microsoft Office tool licenses. If you want to use Teams for your business, consider using the following licenses:

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise premium
  • Office 365 Enterprise (E1, E3, and E5)

From December 2021, the Microsoft Teams Essentials license is also available. It is a standalone version of Teams, independent of Office or Microsoft 365. It is designed to enable professional communication in companies that use Office 2021 application packages or other tools that do not include not the messenger.

Where to buy Microsoft 365 from Teams?

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