The largest wind farms in the world. They provide as much electricity as nuclear power plants

In 2021, wind power worldwide recorded an increase in installed capacity of 93.6 gigawatts, reaching a total of 837 GW. Year over year, this means a 12% increase.

The largest amounts of wind energy are produced in China and the United States. However, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East are not left out. In these regions, the power of onshore wind turbines increased in 2021 by 19, 27 and 120%, respectively. Where are the largest onshore wind farms in the world located?

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The Gansu Wind Farm is located in the Gobi Desert near the city of Jiuquan in China. It is the largest power station of this type in the world. Eventually, the goal is to reach a power of up to 20 gigawatts, although it is currently about half that amount. After completing the work at the Gansu site, it will work seven thousand wind turbines.

The cost of building a Chinese gigafarm is approximately $17.5 billion. Experts criticize this investment because it is far from cities that have the greatest energy demand. It is estimated that nearly 40 percent. the electricity produced by the windmills here is wasted. There is also a lack of adequate transmission and network infrastructure.

China’s wind farm in the Gobi Desert remains the largest such facility in the world. The target capacity of the power plant could supply power to a small country. So far this a farm in China produces as much electricity as all the wind turbines in Poland.

Built between 2010 and 2013, the Alta Wind Energy Center in California is largest wind farm in the United States and one of the largest in the world. It reaches a power of 1.5 gigawatts, although eventually it can go up to 3 gigawatts.

It cost nearly three billion dollars to build the wind turbines over an area of ​​130 square kilometers. They are located on the site of the power plant 600 wind turbines.

The facility is located near the Mojave Desert. Wind power is obtained thanks to the ideal location of the Tehachapi pass. This is where the turbines were built.

The Muppandal wind farm includes largest such facility in India. The turbines were built in the Kanyakumari region in the south of the country.

The Muppandal wind farm has three thousand wind turbines with a total capacity 1.5 gigawatts. They come from manufacturers such as Enercon, NEG Micon, Suzlon and Vestas.

The location of the power plant is not accidental. The turbines are driven by strong winds from the Arabian Sea, and the mountainous terrain also helps.

India has two of the largest wind farms in the world. The second is the Jaisalmer wind farm located in the west of the country. It reaches a power of up to 1.3 gigawatts.

The turbines included in this power plant come exclusively from one company – Suzlon. These are models whose power varies from 350 kW to 2.1 MW.

The Los Vientos Generating Station is located in Starr and Willacy counties in southern Texas. It is the second largest wind farm in the United Statesjust behind the Alta Wind Energy Center in California.

The construction of this wind farm in Texas cost approximately two billion dollars. It is powered by turbines from Mitsubishi, Siemens and Vesta. Their total power reaches more than 900 megawatts.

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