The names of the roundabout on Smoczka are not yet available

The town councilors do not hide their reservations at the idea of ​​baptizing the roundabout by the swimming pool of the Smoczka estate with the name of Wojciech Korfanty.

The idea was put forward by councilor Marek Zalotyński, who highlighted the merits of Wojciech Korfanty in the struggle for independence. In his opinion, honoring this figure would complete the celebration of the 100th anniversary of independence.

He was against such an idea, among others Bogdan Bieniek, chairman of the board, emphasizing the need to honor, above all, people linked to Mielec. Counselors also drew attention to the lack of opinion of school boards on this issue.

Councilors decided by majority vote to send a resolution on this matter back to committee business – incl. to obtain advice from land councils.

During Thursday’s session of the city council, the question of naming the roundabout at the intersection of Wolności, Powstańców Warszawy and Szafera streets was raised. The initiator of such a resolution was Councilor Marek Zalotyński, who underlined the importance of this character for the history of Polish independence.

– In recent years, and especially in 2018, across the country, including in our city, efforts have been made to mark this significant anniversary through many initiatives, including naming urban spaces after national heroes – a underlined Zalotyński.

– The year 2021 was, in a way, the culmination of the Jubilee celebrations – it was linked in a special way to the memory of the victorious third Silesian uprising, which lasted from May to July 1921. This uprising made it possible to include Upper Silesia in the borders of the Republic of Poland, and thus, it gave social, spatial and economic capital – to the new state resurgent after years of captivity – ending the border-forming stage of the Republic of Poland – he said.

– Wojciech Korfanty played an important role in the success of this uprising and in establishing the borders of the Republic of Poland in Silesia – the adviser stressed.

– Entering the urban space of our city of memory of Wojciech Korfanty at this very special moment of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the reconquest of independence will close the list of commemorations of the fathers of independence, will contribute to paying tribute to all those to whom we owe the restoration of Poland on the map of the countries of the world – he said.

As Zalotyński pointed out, “the idea of ​​honoring places associated with figures of the fathers of independence is expressed in the names of urban spaces”. – There is Marshal Józef Piłsudski Viaduct, Rondo Romana Dmowskiego, Wincentego Witosa Street, Ignacego Daszyńskiego Street, and recently Mielec City Council restored the name of Ignacy Paderewski Square.

Bieniek: let’s leave this place for the symbols of our city

– I would like to express a negative opinion on the proposed resolution – said directly Bogdan Bieniek, Chairman of the City Council of Mielec.

– I believe and have tried to convince the candidates’ fellow councilors that we should strive to honor people and entities that have a very close relationship with our city, its history and its development – this should be a priority – did he declare.

– There is also no reason to name all roundabouts in our city during this council term – he added.

– My message is that we must commemorate and pass on to the next generations important people for Mielec. I don’t want to give many examples, because each of us can name as the recently deceased teacher. Kiryk, the author of the Mielec monograph, or Piotr Czyżewski, an architect, a military man associated with the creation of the COP, or a lively and well-deserved milling community respected by the majority of the inhabitants of Mielec.

– My request and request: let them have their place. The thesis is not precise that there will be more and more places where important Mielczanie can be honored. It will probably be, but the main communication arteries and town centers have already been formed. I believe that we have already celebrated the centenary of the reconquest of independence with dignity and that is why I propose that we leave this place next to the plane for the symbols of our city – he concluded .

Councilors also stressed the need to consult such initiatives with residents and property councils.

The subject will come back to committee business.

– I believe that the same standards should be applied to all motions submitted in such cases – replied Councilor Zalotyński.

– You did not raise any remarks and did not raise any objections at the time of the filing of the requests for the naming of the urban space and the matters of which you speak, that is to say the requests of the land councils, do not were not the subject of your activity. Nevertheless, I would like to add that during the last mandate, as chairman of the committee, I always asked for such opinions. Why there is no such practice during this term, I do not know – you are in charge of this council – he said.

– I am going to answer Mr. President, that he look carefully at the map of Poland and point out to him that Silesia belongs to Poland. The history of Silesia – Mr President – is the history of the Republic of Poland – added Zalotyński.

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