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Thinking of a wide range of users, the public administration has in recent years digitized and made available in digital version many of its databases. This was possible on a large scale thanks to European funds from the Digital Poland programme. As a result of this action, several interesting applications have been created that can be useful for private and business trips.

Polish landmarks

It is an application that will be perfect both for travel and in your own city. It allows you to search and display nearby monuments on the map. The castle, the park or the church will have no more secrets for you. In the detailed view you will find the history, photos and links to data sources of tens of thousands of monuments all over Poland.

Install the app and get to know your country with the Polish Monuments app

Railway stations in Poland

Do you like traveling by train? With this application you can quickly locate any railway station in Poland. You will check how far you are from the station and if it is busy. You will also see which stations have a premium rank. What does it mean? The fact that they support international, inter-voivodeship and regional traffic and that they are important communication nodes. They also offer travelers a range of commercial services such as shops, restaurants and car rentals. The app took data from several sources: the Rail Transport Office, the website and the WMS Linie Kolejowe website. This means that you will find all the necessary information in one place.

Check out the Railway Stations in Poland app


When you use public transport in Gdańsk or Sopot, nothing will surprise you. Morabus shows the actual (and not just scheduled) departure time of public transport vehicles. So you don’t have to run for a late bus anymore! You can also check the time at the next stops. Isn’t it then easier to make an appointment with someone who is supposed to sit down later? For now, such facilities are only available in the Tri-City, but there are plans to expand to other cities.

Find out how Morabus works


The application managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is extremely practical. First, you will find basic information about the country you are traveling to. You will read about customs, culture and practical ways to travel. You can download current descriptions in PDF format and have them at your fingertips even when there is no coverage or your phone is weak. Second, the app increases traveler safety. It has many useful features:

  • SOS button with an emergency phone to the nearest Polish facility;
  • four-level marking of countries according to their security;
  • push notifications (about dangers) that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can send in the event of an emergency in a given country;
  • driver advice;
  • list of mandatory vaccines.

It’s worth downloading the iPolak app before you travel

Moving border

The application presents the current situation at road border crossings in eastern Poland. First, you will learn how long the queue is and how long you have to wait on average for check-in. Special algorithms also predict changes in the situation at the crossings in the coming hours. Plus, when you’re en route, you can get a personalized forecast. The device with the app installed will locate you and give you the exact time of crossing the border. This applies to both directions of travel – departure and return. In the mobile border you will also find other data, such as an indication of access to images from surveillance cameras or weather conditions. The application is available for free in the following languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and German. Be sure to check how the Mobile Border app works

These are just a few examples of practical applications that use publicly available data.

Where does app data come from?

The main source of information in this type of programs is the “Open Data +” portal. There is reliable and constantly updated data. They come from more than 160 suppliers – public administrations and private entities. Their full list can be viewed at

Open data allows automated reading of databases and registers. It is important to note that they are not treated in reports or graphs, and that they have not been put into context or interpreted. You can use them for any purpose – private, professional or educational. They are not protected by copyright. You will use them without any problem, since downloading and opening them does not require any paid software. The following data are the most popular:

  • spatial (from maps),
  • statistics (e.g. from the Central Statistics Office),
  • economic,
  • on budgets and the organization of public institutions.

Use of the website is free. You also don’t need to register. However, if you decide to create an account on the portal, you will have access to additional features. What kind? Perhaps, for example, you will be interested in creating your own datasheets or in the practical follow-up of updates?

The portal was created for:

  • citizens interested in state actions;
  • companies that create innovative data-driven products and services;
  • non-governmental organizations that use data in their daily work;
  • research scientists;
  • officials preparing reports and analyses.

Where does the money for digitization come from?

The “Open Data +” portal was created with the support of European funds from the Digital Poland program. From now on, it will be able to develop thanks to a new initiative. This is the FERC program – the European Fund for Digital Development. The money from this pool is intended to increase the availability and reuse of public data from cultural, scientific and administrative resources. FERC grants can also be used to create and deliver IT solutions for advanced data analysis using new technologies. Entrepreneurs will be able to count on support to create new applications – especially those that serve local communities or the common good.

Discover on the go how the applications described by us work. And if you are an entrepreneur, take a look at the possibilities of developing your business thanks to the “Open Data +” portal.

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