We have entered the field of green energy

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How do technologies support a green revolution, a green transformation?

Contrary to appearances, they support to a large extent. First of all, as an ICT company, we pay a lot of attention to data. Secondly, after many implementations of telecommunications networks and server rooms or data centers, we quickly realized that one of the most expensive factors for our customers was energy. Therefore, we decided to tie these two things together. In addition, customers constantly need to use less and less energy, so the costs are lower and lower. Therefore, we have entered a new area of ​​green energy for us, where together with our partners we offer inverters, batteries or energy storage, which rely heavily on data processing and analysis. , on artificial intelligence, so that these systems are first and foremost efficient, secondly, safe, and thirdly, that they should serve their owners for as long as possible.

But why is artificial intelligence in a photovoltaic power plant or in energy storage?

It is very necessary. For example, it anticipates possible failures and is then able, for example, to stop the installation. It is also able to better manage the voltage in the installation so that the inverter generates as much current as possible. The same applies to batteries or energy storage – it decides, for example, when the energy storage should get more energy and when to release it. Everything is very closely intertwined and quite complicated. At the same time, it clearly shows that modern electronic and computer technologies are necessary for green transformation.

What is the role of the cloud?

This is another super important technology, because all this data has to be processed somewhere. The inverter itself does not. He can send them to the cloud where they are processed. These are most often private clouds installed by our customers, in which there are algorithms that process, analyze and monitor data. For example, Polish companies are setting up clouds in Poland.

Well, yes, but as Huawei you bring equipment from all over the world. Is there a Polish contribution to these solutions, if only on the basis of cooperation with Polish startups?

We operate through Polish distributors who sell our equipment. And when it comes to startups, this is a very important area. This year, we announced and will complete the 2nd edition of our Huawei Startup Challenge in June. In this edition, more than 200 Polish startups applied to us and offer various solutions related to green energy. We will select the top ten shortly and then the top three will win and receive cash prizes. It is clear that Polish startups have a lot to offer and should be watched closely.

Another element of the green transformation is electromobility. Things are going extremely slowly in Poland, will it speed up?

Certainly, but the traffic will start when there are no more chargers. Nowadays, an electric car is difficult to charge, especially on the road. In Warsaw or other big cities, you can still do it, but it’s worse when you go to the seaside or to the mountains.

When chargers appear – here, of course, you have to bow to our local and national fuel or power distributors – and there should be tens of thousands of them in Poland, then these cars will become extremely popular.

We, as Huawei, are also entering this sector. We are the co-creator of an autonomous electric car that travels 1,100 km. We also have charging modules that charge the 200 km car in 10 minutes.

Back to photovoltaics. How would you describe its importance for the Polish energy transformation? Now, due to regulatory changes, it looks like this photovoltaic triumphal procession might come to a halt…

You talk about settlements for Kowalski. On the other hand, the large installations are developing very strongly and I don’t think it’s going to stop at all. On the contrary. All countries, not just Poland, need to change their energy system. In this respect, photovoltaics is one of the most promising solutions. It should be mentioned that at this point in Poland there are already more than 600 thousand. private photovoltaic installations. This sector generated nearly 2% last year. electricity in Poland.

Do you define yourself as a seller, distributor of equipment related to green transformation, or do you see your greatest contribution to these changes in Poland?

Our company has a mission that is timeless. We try to introduce modern technologies wherever they are needed. In this regard, we can talk about communication technologies, such as 5G or 6G, but we can also talk, for example, about power generation technologies, where systems also communicate. We can talk about autonomous cars, the main component of which is communication with the elements of the environment. We can also mention that the installations we have carried out all over the world have saved around 10 billion kilowatt hours of energy. It’s like planting over 200 million trees. It is a tangible achievement.

Huawei is the relationship partner

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