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February 14-18 Another edition of Internet Marketing and Advertising Training will take place in Poznań! In 5 days you can fully train yourself and your employees with 14 marketing themes. You will receive advanced knowledge, we do not briefly discuss the topics, but we dedicate a full day training to each topic!

What training are you invited to?

Google Ads (directed by Łukasz Chwiszczuk)

During this training, you will learn how to effectively promote your business through advertising in the Google search engine.

The cost of the training: PLN 970 net

Google Ads PRO (directed by Łukasz Chwiszczuk)

During Łukasz’s training, you will go beyond the search engine – you will learn how to create an advertisement, e.g. on thousands of pages on the Google content network, YouTube or Gmail.

Cost of training: 1170 PLN net

Optimized Content Marketing (moderator Marianna Krupa)

Your customers do not attach any importance to you, your products or services. All they care about are their own needs and interests. Content marketing is about making information so accessible that customers, when they engage with it, also pay attention to you and your products.
Cost of training: 1170 PLN net

SEO: positioning and link building (hosted by Mariusz Bacic, Jarosław Dudek)

How to rank high in Google’s organic results? What tools should be used to make our website highly indexed by Google? Freelance SEO is available to virtually every marketer today – all you need to do is be aware of several factors, know the right tools, and there’s nothing stopping you from handling this process on your own!
The cost of the training: 1470 PLN net

Google Analytics (hosted by Maciej Lewiński)

Who exactly are your customers? Who visits your website? How much time does he spend on it? Where is he from ? You will learn all this during Maciej Lewiński’s training!
The cost of the training: PLN 970 net

Google Analytics PRO (hosted by Maciej Lewiński)

How to get the most information from the data? How to use the advanced features of Google Analytics? How to set up Google Tag Manager? You will learn this during advanced training conducted by Maciej.

Cost of training: 1170 PLN net

Facebook Marketing and Ads (directed by Szymon Florczak)

During the training, you will learn why your business MUST advertise on Facebook. You will learn, among other things, how to manage a fanpage to really engage your fans. The speaker will show you how to advertise effectively on Facebook to get the most out of the budget invested.

Cost of training: 1070 PLN net

Facebook Marketing PRO (directed by Szymon Florczak)
How to conduct effective marketing on Facebook? During the training, among other things, you will learn which mistakes most often affect the effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns and discover many details that will help you get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

Cost of training: 1270 PLN net

Instagram Marketing (directed by Justyna Mudło)

How to advertise on Instagram? How to communicate on Instagram as a brand? You will find out during the refreshed training formula with our new trainer, for whom Instagram marketing has no more secrets!

Cost of training: 1070 PLN net

Storytelling + How to build a strong brand + Business writing (moderator Paweł Tkaczyk)

Whether you’re involved in building a growing family business, an online start-up, or running a large corporation, they all need help in the same areas: branding, creating image, building a strong market position. You will discover these elements during our 3-day training, and you will also learn why it is so important nowadays to create an inspiring story about your brand.
The cost of the 3-day training: 3070 PLN net

Online sales: eBay + Amazon (hosted by Mateusz Grzywnowicz)

During the training, Mateusz will show you how to reach an international customer from Europe and the world. I’ll show you how to easily start selling on these websites virtually overnight.

Cost of training: 1170 PLN net

Online sales: Allegro (moderator Paweł Mielczarek)

During the training, you will learn how to use the sales potential of Allegro in your activities. The training was divided into four sections: business, inspiration, knowledge and practice. The first three parts will help you organize information, recognize common mistakes, and learn how to stand out in the auction thicket. The final block is a collection of proven solutions from the site’s best sellers. The course summary will be a business case, showing what results can be expected by implementing the developed action plans.
Cost of training: 1070 PLN net

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