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He represents the personnel before the management of the workplace, carries out inspections and, in justified cases, can even suspend the operations of the mining plant.

Marek Kala, the company’s social labor inspector at the Pokój mine, admits that the regulations in force give him considerable powers.

– Stopping the movement of a mine or its section is a last resort. There would have to be specific reasons in the form of a serious breach of health and safety regulations, resulting in an immediate threat to the life and health of workers. Such situations do not occur in our factory. The mine is well managed. People are becoming more and more responsible. This year we have not recorded any serious accidents – assesses Kala.

Labor director Piotr Dusza admits that performing the duties of the company’s social labor inspector is a difficult piece of bread.

own decisions
– It is between the proverbial hammer and the anvil, that is to say between the employer and the crew. He must listen to what both parties have to say, draw conclusions and make his own independent decisions – admits the director Soul.

Marek Kala has been in this role for a short time. He is elected by vote of the departmental social work inspectors. This choice was a kind of recognition for the last 25 years of work as an electrician on the ground floor and efforts to improve working conditions. Safety always comes first. He set a good example, warned unreliable people and sometimes yelled if someone’s behavior deviated radically from applicable norms.

– Feels responsible for the safety of others. It is his nature. This is a very good and desirable feature in this position – admits Piotr Dusza.

The provisions provide that in workplaces where the health and life of employees are particularly threatened and where working conditions require constant social supervision, the head of the establishment, at the request of the company unions, may release a employee the time of carrying out the function of company social labor inspector for the exercise of his current functions. , with right to remuneration. This is the case of Marek Kali. The enormity of the tasks incumbent on him when he was appointed to the new function does not allow him to reconcile it with the current job. He is required to carry out inspections of workstations, in addition, he participates in inspections carried out by the supervision and management of the mine, participates in health and safety training and must always be ready for individual interviews with the employees. Twice a year, it organizes job reviews in the presence of branch managers and departmental social labor inspectors. Additionally, once every 12 months, it conducts a workplace audit, assessing the status of threats occurring in various parts of the mine. It is also in constant contact with the Regional Office of Mines and the National Labor Inspectorate.

He knows the mine well
Marek Kala has another important advantage. He knows the mine like his own pocket. When the PIP inspectors come to the factory, they are always ready to advise them, explain the secrets of the mining works and provide professional answers to all questions concerning the organization of work and the safety measures applied. .

– I would like to live in harmony with everyone. I know it is difficult and sometimes even impossible. Sometimes I have to make an unpopular decision, that is, one that does not satisfy everyone, but any other decision would be risky. To take shortcuts is to put yourself in danger and put others in danger, he summarizes.

In his free time, Marek Kala plays squash and trains in the gym. His hobbies are motorization, especially motorcycles, and a healthy lifestyle.

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