Court sentenced three defendants to life imprisonment in the murder of 20-year-old Rafał C. (update)

On Friday, the District Court of Płock (Mazowieckie) sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of public rights for 10 years Rafał C., 20, they buried him while he was still alive.

The sentence handed down in the Płock Regional Court on Friday against Konrad M., 26, Łukasz R., 22, and Kamil W., 21, is not final. The trial in this case began in December 2021.

The motive for the crime, as established by the investigation and confirmed by the court proceedings, was revenge, which was to result from the fact that the accused suspected that the testimony of Rafał C. in another case could have harmed him.

During the investigation and later during the trial, it was established, among other things, that Konrad M., Łukasz R. and Kamil W. lured Rafał C., who was then working as a pizza delivery boy, to the one of Płock’s apartments, then abducted him by taking him in the trunk of a car to the forest near Rypin (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship).

Rafał C. was strangled there, repeatedly injured with a knife, then he was thrown into a hole previously dug and covered with lime – the autopsy showed that the victim of the crime died after being covered with earth.

“When assessing the defendants’ guilt, the court came to the conclusion that it was the highest possible,” Judge Justyna Wawrzyńczak said on Friday, justifying the sentence. As she pointed out, the defendants acted together, methodically, with the direct intention of killing Rafał C., and their conduct towards the victim was characterized by special torment, and the motives for the act deserved condemnation special.

Judge Wawrzyńczak admitted that the case in which, according to the indictment, Konrad M., Łukasz R. and Kamil W. were responsible for the murder with particular cruelty, was very difficult, including the evidence, the emotion and social connotations. She noted that the defendants acknowledged the kidnapping of Rafał C., but as for the events in the forest that led to his death, “each transferred responsibility to the other two”.

As Judge Wawrzyńczak pointed out, the evidence that had been collected was important for the examination of the case, for example a CCTV recording in one of the DIY stores in Płock, where the defendant made purchases, including a hammer, string and gloves, and tested these items. According to the court, this recording proves that the defendants decided to kill Rafał C. much earlier, before meeting him and kidnapping him, and not only in the forest where they had taken the victim.

“The defendants buy objects not as defenders would like them to intimidate the injured party. These are objects used directly for his murder” – said Wawrzyńczak. At the same time, she pointed out that the defendant made purchases in another DIY store after the kidnapping of Rafał C. “They only served to hide the consequences of their actions, and therefore to hide the body” – said the judge.

In justifying the verdict, Judge Wawrzyńczak pointed out that during the abduction the defendants crumpled Rafał C.’s hands and feet, wrapped his head at mouth level with duct tape, and when they carried it in the trunk of the car, they activated the loudspeakers there. As the judge mentioned, while the defendants had already chosen the place where they finally killed the victim, they had previously strangled Rafał C. numerous wounds with a knife, and then dug the grave with previously purchased shovels.

The court noted that there was no doubt as to the defendant’s mental health at the time of committing the acts charged in the indictment, which was confirmed by psychiatric examinations. He also pointed out that he found no conduct in the defendants’ proceedings that could have resulted in a lighter sentence.

In imposing a life sentence on Friday against Konrad M., Łukasz R. and Kamil W, the Płock District Court also sentenced them to jointly pay damages in the amount of 200,000 PLN. PLN to the mother of Rafał C., and 60 thousand. PLN his sister.

The murder of Rafał C. took place on the night of January 27-28, 2020. Three suspects, who eventually joined the dock, were arrested by police a few hours later, after the man’s sister reported her missing.

The indictment in this case was sent to the Płock District Court by the local district prosecutor’s office in August 2021.

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