Elon Musk and women. In love, the richest man in the world did not enjoy great success

Loud on him again. Or: louder than usual. Because he bought Twitter for $44 billion. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, professionally deals with cyborgs, cars of the future and flights to Mars, among other things. However, relationships with women are more complicated for him.

In 2021, Musk appeared on the satirical show “Saturday Night Live”. He admitted on air that he had been diagnosed with autism. Already a child, he was withdrawn, often immersed in his own thoughts. Also, as a little boy, he was bullied many times during his school years. He was even hospitalized once for a beating. It wasn’t until he grew up and learned martial arts that his pursuers gave him a break.

In this context, it is easier to understand where Elon Musk’s ideas, statements and behavior come from that many consider eccentric, offensive or “out of place”. He himself admits that it is difficult for him to establish relationships with people. On the other hand, he really cares about them. As he told his eye in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, if he’s not in a long-term relationship, he falls asleep alone, he doesn’t love – he can’t be happy. . His brother Kimbal Musk also claims that Elon is better to have someone, but also that he is a difficult partner.

Screenwriter Justine Wilson: Six Children and Divorce

After all – or maybe that’s why – quite a few women have passed through Elon’s life, and some amazing women at that. The first was writer Justine Wilson, whom she met while still at university in Canada. Musk invited her for ice cream, but she declined, explaining that she had to study. So he showed up with melting ice cream in his hands. They broke up over time, but got back together when he was working on his first startup and she was working on her first novel. In 2000, they got married. He eventually persuaded her by handing her his credit card so she could buy as many books as she wanted — as she said a decade later in an interview with Marie Claire.

In 2002, their first son, Nevada Alexander Musk, was born. The boy died when he was only 10 weeks old, he suddenly stopped breathing while sleeping (this is called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Two years later, Justine gave birth to twins, Griffin and Xavier, and in 2006, to triplets: Kai, Saxon and Damian. Soon after, she developed depression as Elon spent more and more time away from home growing his businesses. He filed for divorce in 2008 and just six weeks later announced his engagement to British actress Talula Riley. Nevertheless, Justine and Talulah have become friends. The first kept her husband’s last name because of the children, whom he himself called “the love of his life” in 2010.

Elon Musk with childrenTwitter

Actress Talulah Riley: marriage, divorce, remarriage and divorce

Riley, known, among others, from the series “Westworld”, she married Musk in 2010. Two years later, the couple divorced. But already in 2013, Elon and Talulah stood on the mat again. After a year, he filed another divorce petition, but withdrew it. The divorce finally took place in 2016, but this time at the request of Talula. Eventually, they became friends.

Elon Musk and Talulah RileyTwitter

Amber Heard: It hurt her a lot

In late 2016, Musk began dating Amber Heard, recently divorced from Johnny Depp, who he is now battling in court for the big bucks. Musk and Heard’s relationship ended after a year. The reason for this was that the tight schedules of the two did not match. They also broke up in the bedroom, although Elon was very much in love and this separation hurt him a lot – as he told Rolling Stone magazine.

Elon Musk and Amber HeardTwitter

Grimes: X and Y, and “semi-separation”

In the spring of 2018, the world met Musk’s next partner. This time it was Canadian Claire Boucher, known as Grimes, which is the pseudonym she uses in her musical career. They reportedly met online when Elon wanted to tweet an AI joke, but saw she had already done so. This story turned out to be no less stormy than the preceding ones. The breakup was rumored in the fall of 2018, when Musk and Grimes stopped following each other on Twitter. In March 2019, however, Boucher informed The Wall Street Journal that they were still dating, and in January 2020 she posted a pregnancy report on Instagram.

Grimes is pregnantinstagram

In May, X Æ A-12 was born, whose name had to be changed to X Æ A-XII because, according to California law, it could not contain numbers. As Grimes explained on Twitter, X stands for unknown, the letter Æ – love or artificial intelligence, while the A-12 refers to the Lockheed A-12 Archangel aircraft used in the 1960s by the US Air Strength. “It is an excellent fighting machine, but without violence” – wrote the singer.

Elon and his son named X Æ A-XIItwitter.com/elonmusk

After three years of dating, Musk announced on social media that the couple were “semi-separated”. That is to say, they are no longer together, but they are on good terms: they see each other often, have affection and take care of their son. This was due to their work commitments, which saw Elon spending most of his time in Texas and Grimes in California.

Elon Musk and Grimes in 2018Getty Images

In March 2022, however, an interview with Grimes appeared in Vanity Fair, in which we can read that she and Musk are a couple, although they live separately. “There’s no good word for it. I don’t expect others to understand it. (…) It’s better than ever. We just have to be free,” he said. she stated. Meanwhile, rumors surfaced that Musk was dating Australian actress Natasha Bassett. But in December 2021, a daughter was born to Elon and Grimes. More precisely: she was born to a surrogate mother, thanks to whom the pregnancy and the birth itself were kept secret for a long time.

Exa Dark Sideræl has a name almost as original as his older brother. Exa is a reference to the term “exaFLOPS”, which refers to the ability to perform one trillion floating point operations per second. Dark is a reference to dark matter, and Sideræl is an adjective for “stellar” in the Elvish language of “Lord of the Rings”. But his parents simply call him Y. Why not X (from Exa)? They had previously reserved this abbreviation for X Æ A-12.

Information about the birth of the girl appeared in the same interview for “Vanity Fair”. However, shortly after its publication, Grimes and Musk broke up again. But knowing the latter’s story, it probably won’t be long before TIME magazine’s 2021 Man of the Year and Twitter’s new owner fall in love with someone all over again.

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