Global smartphone market in 1Q2022: almost everything in the red

Counterpoint and Omdia released a handful of information on the global smartphone market in the first quarter of 2022. It shows that the volume of shipments during this period was lower than a year earlier, and only some of the brands in the TOP10 can boast of an increase.

The global smartphone market according to Counterpoint

In the first three months of 2022, it hit global markets 328.3 million smartphones said Counterpoint. This is 7% less than a year earlier and 12% less than in the last quarter of 2021. Interestingly, the list shows that all TOP5 manufacturers reported a decrease in shipment volume on a yearly basis, which is explained, among other things, by the shortage of components for these devices, as well as by the low impact of the war in Ukraine.

It turned out to be the market leader again Samsung, whose annual drop in supplies reached 3%. Second place Apple recorded a decrease of 1%. Double-digit drops in shipments apply to Chinese TOP5 manufacturers: Xiaomi (-20%), Oppo with OnePlus (-19%) and Long live (-19%).

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Producer Deliveries in 1Q2021 Deliveries in 4Q2021 Deliveries in 1Q2022 Change from year to year
Samsung 76.6 million 69.9 million 74.0 million -3%
Apple 59.5 million 81.5 million 59.0 million -1%
Xiaomi 48.5 million 45.0 million 39.0 million -20%
Oppo 38.0 million 33.9 million 30.9 million -19%
Long live 35.5 million 29.3 million 28.6 million -19%
Others 96.8 million 112.7 million 96.8 million 0%
Whole 354.9 million 371.4 million 328.3 million -7%

The global smartphone market according to Omdia

Slightly different data is provided by Omdia, but the overall trend is similar: the global smartphone market fell 12.9% YoY and 13.9% QoQ in Q12022. up to 308 million units. This is due, among other things, to the declines recorded by seven TOP10 producers. Only the brand has seen a very strong increase Honorin regards to 322.2%. Businesses have also grown real me (+17.7% over one year) and, to a lesser extent, Apple (+2.5%).

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The order of the suppliers in the TOP10 corresponds to the data provided by Counterpoint Research, i.e. they are on the podium Samsung, Apple and Xiaomiand just behind Oppo and Long live. Close the stake Huaweiwhich is still subject to sanctions imposed in 2019.

Producer Deliveries in 1Q2021 Deliveries in 4Q2021 Deliveries in 1Q2022 Change from year to year
Samsung 76.0 million 69.1 million 73.8 million -2.9%
Apple 55.1 million 85.3 million 56.4 million + 2.5%
Xiaomi 49.5 million 45.2 million 42.4 million -14.3%
Oppo 37.8 million 30.7 million 25.3 million -33.1%
Long live 38.2 million 31.8 million 24.1 million -36.9%
Transfer 19.8 million 17.9 million 15.4 million -22.4%
Honor 3.6 million 15.0 million 15.2 million + 322.2%
real me 12.4 million 16.5 million 14.6 million + 17.7%
Motorola 12.6 million 12.5 million 12.0 million -4.8%
Huawei 14.7 million 4.7 million 5.6 million -61.9%
Others 34.0 million 28.0 million 23.2 million -31.6%
Whole 353.7 million 356.6 million 308.0 million -12.9%

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Photo source: Telepolis

Text source: Counterpoint, Omdia

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