Overwatch 2 tricked me. This beta looks like an update, not a new game

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April 29, 2022, 2:20 p.m.

A sequel that turns out to be the most banal update? Also, paying? Such things only with Blizzard! However, before rating Overwatch 2 negatively, remember that a separate PvE mode will be part of the game, which we have yet to encounter.

It’s easy to criticize Blizzard, but on the other hand, it’s not like the company doesn’t give reasons for it. Still, I approached the PvP beta by Monitor 2because I wanted to see for myself if it was worth waiting for the continuation of the game with which I spent more than 250 hours. What can I say ? It is in fact the same production – there is no revolution here, at most some more or less significant aesthetic corrections and modifications. After about 7 hours of testing I would call it at this point Monitor 2 a simple update that turns the game into Monitor 1.5.

What the beta showed Monitor 2:

  1. five-person teams instead of six-person teams;
  2. new maps and refreshed old ones;
  3. a new mode called Scramble;
  4. a new heroine – Sojourn;
  5. changes in Doomfist, Orisa, Sombra and Bastion;
  6. redesigned and much better interface.

Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #1

Hello my love! The cavalry has arrived!

Less is more!

Please note that I am only rating PvP here. There is no access to the cooperative PvE mode yet with a full-fledged story campaign. By the way, even the rivalry with the players does not offer all the novelties. For example, in the character selection screen, we already have new refreshed hero icons, but related skins are still missing. Also, you could only play in one mode, so in Monitor 2 still a lot can change.

What can you see at first sight? Reduce the number of players in a team from six to five people. I must admit that I never understood the original concept of a group of six people. Today I see a trend in games to reduce the crew as much as possible so that the player has the best chance of having fun with friends, and not necessarily with random people. Therefore, this change of Monitor 2 I greeted with relief.

The reduction in the number of players also had an impact on the finish line. Now, each team should consist of one tank, two damage-focused characters, and two supporters. Due to such a rework, Blizzard significantly increased tank stamina and DPS decreased health. All this so that now a character can effectively be responsible for the safety of the rest of the team.

Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #2

Five players are enough.

Matches are faster, but flexibility is lacking

How does it work in practice? Matches are much faster. In fact, there’s no longer a situation where skirmishes last – it really doesn’t take much to eliminate someone. At the same time, however, the “support” av Monitor 2 climb. It is difficult to keep your companions alive and provide them with adequate support. That’s why – instead of focusing on healing – these heroes engage much more in direct combat. And that makes sense, because the faster you kill enemies, the less you need to heal your allies!

However, I am not convinced of the “finish” imposed. Players will always find a way to maximize the fun and find a method to “play better”. Nevertheless, Blizzard forcing a specific team composition hurts in my opinion Monitor 2. Especially since with a team of five people, I repeatedly had the impression that the result of the match could have been different if my “second support” turned into “additional DPS”. I lacked flexibility in hero selection and the ability to react to what was happening during the game.

Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #3

Everything seems clearer now.

Still, I understand such a limitation in ranked games, but with quick matches, which are the main attraction of this beta, I found it unnecessary. Especially once the chosen role can not be changed until the end of the fight – we are doomed to it, being able to juggle only the heroes assigned to him. In my opinion, this element deserves to be improved, especially since during the tests, almost no one decided to play tank or support, and not wanting to wait 10 minutes in the queue, I chose these roles.

Nice update, but not necessarily a sequel

Of course, there are also positive changes. For example, the dashboard is excellent now. We’ve said goodbye to the display of medals that didn’t say much and welcomed the classic display of simple statistics. Additionally, Blizzard is also PUBLICLY reporting the number of our deaths – it’s not hidden, so everyone knows how the person fared in the game. In my opinion, this is a great solution, because I don’t want to be patted on the head when it doesn’t work for me. Instead, I take my lack of skill to my chest and go to the practice room to improve my accuracy.

Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #4
Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #5

Overwatch on the top and Overwatch 2 on the bottom – at first glance you can’t see the differences.

There was also an attempt to make visual fixes to old maps, namely changing the times of day. It was a pleasant experience to see a King’s Row like this in the morning, and not just in the evening. It’s definitely a little thing to appreciate. On the new battlegrounds you can also see that the engine Monitor 2 replaced or modified – they look much better. Interestingly, the graphics of the game itself haven’t changed much. The whole thing looks nicer, but that’s not the merit of the big overhaul, because there was nothing like it. So if you were hoping for a much better viewing experience, I have some sad news – Monitor 2 looks like a powdered predecessor.

It’s not worth buying Overwatch 2 for PvP

Surveillance it didn’t really need much overhaul, just a little developer love. What I saw in “Two” reminded me why I was playing the original. At the same time, however, I find no argument to buy the sequel because of the PvP. Especially since all changes in terms of gameplay will be shared. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about missing maps or characters.

Visually, the “two” offers almost no difference from the “one”. Well, except for the interface, which continues to be much better. However, these are cosmetic fixes, and beyond that, it’s the same game. If you’re not into PvE, you’ll basically get the same thing a second time. Without this mod, it’s just a big (and necessary!) game update, and you’ll get it partly for free anyway. Well, unless you wanted new skins, there was no point then!

Overwatch 2 tricked me.  This beta looks like an update, not a new game - Illustration #6

Well, we won!

If someone asked me if I had fun testing PvP in Monitor 2I would have said yes without hesitation. Not because there were any groundbreaking changes (because you won’t see them here) – I just like the original and it was good to shoot. The sequel only reminds me of that, and I will embrace any resulting changes with open arms. Well, unless Blizzard orders you to pay for them – then no, because so far I haven’t been given a reason to buy the same product a second time. Although I sincerely hope that the PvE mode will change my mind about it.


Monitor 2 reminded me how much fun I had the first Surveillancefor which I want to thank Blizzard. At the same time, I have to fault this studio for neglecting the original so much. In my opinion, this could easily develop it and lead to the state in which there are “two”. Instead of messing around with the sequel, it was enough to do a decent overhaul, release everything as updates, and release the PvE mode as an optional paid DLC. Who knows, maybe it will still happen? Despite all my loud barking, I’m going to be wagging my tail at the sight of this production anyway, because it’s just enjoyable.

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