Panattoni is a partner of the Responsible Business – Real Estate Forum

Panattoni, market leader in industrial real estate in Europe, partner of the Responsible Business Forum – the largest organization in Poland dealing with the concept of sustainable development. The developer has been developing its green construction offer for years, supporting local communities and cooperating with non-governmental organizations. The company is at the forefront of positive changes in the industrial real estate sector.

By achieving your goals and creating a better world. Modern businesses are undergoing rapid transformation. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established at the 2015 United Nations Summit are the benchmark for all of us. Following it, companies act with respect for the environment and taking into account the needs of future generations, developing in 5 areas: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. Panattoni – the European market leader in industrial real estate – contributes to the implementation of the UN goals by focusing on areas such as: clean water and sanitation; Clean and available energy; Innovation, Industry, Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible consumption and production, Climate action and finally, restoring and maintaining biodiversity.

It is therefore a natural step for the company to be a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum – the largest organization in Poland dealing with the dissemination of knowledge, education and support for initiatives in the field. of sustainable development.

– The social factor and the perspective of the diversity of stakeholders are extremely important for Panattoni. That is why we focus on cooperation with the Responsible Business Forum, which creates an ideal platform for mutual inspiration of companies by striving to act in accordance with sustainable development, promoting good practices and supporting the necessary know-how. We hope this is the beginning of many years of cooperation – he says Anita Pietrykowska, Marketing & Communications Manager Europe at Panattoni.

The social, environmental and climate challenges as well as the growing expectations towards companies are a clear signal that there is an urgent need for companies to undertake CSR actions. The success of these initiatives is determined, among other things, by consistency with values, verification of needs and openness to cooperation. We are therefore pleased that the group of business-leaders is growing, who on the one hand wish to broaden their knowledge, and on the other hand, inspire and encourage other companies to intensify their efforts in favor of sustainable development. So, with joy and hope, we welcome Panattoni to the FOB Partner Program, he said. Marzena Strzelczak, President, Managing Director of the Responsible Business Forum.

Green light for change. Panattoni’s activities in the field of corporate social responsibility cover many areas. The company is at the forefront of green changes in the industrial real estate sector. It was the first company in Poland to introduce the BREEAM environmental certification into its standard, first at Very Good and then Excellent level, which has already obtained more than 400,000 m² of space made available by the company. In Poland, the portfolio of Panattoni installations confirmed by green certificates amounts to more than 5 million m², and the plans include an additional 3.5 million m². It should be emphasized that the certification of installations goes hand in hand with the reduction of energy and water consumption in buildings, as well as with the improvement of the well-being of the people who work there. In addition, Panattoni is confidently moving towards zero emissions, including supplying a significant part of its portfolio with energy from renewable sources, or increasingly installing photovoltaic installations and heat pumps. The company also cares about the biodiversity of its investments and the well-being of those who work in the facilities, incl. by setting up green relaxation areas.

Balanced, varied. Creating a friendly environment for the employees of their investments goes hand in hand with multidisciplinary support from the Panattoni team, which in Poland alone employs almost 600 people. The company promotes equal opportunities, respects diversity and excludes discrimination based on age, disability or gender, as evidenced by the structures – half of the company’s management positions are held by women. Panattoni invests in the well-being and work-life balance of its team – each of the 11 offices in Poland has properly designed offices, webinars on maintaining work-life balance are organized and benefit platforms are provided. In addition, the company has a strong focus on development, including through departmental and individual training, or co-funding studies and courses, including language courses. The Panatattoans, on the other hand, are involved in supporting charities such as Unicef ​​or the Instytut Curie.

The developer helps on several levels. From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it supported doctors and provided medical structures with the necessary equipment. In the face of the ongoing war in the East, the company has made free industrial space available to Ukrainian companies, allowing the relocation of resources, and has joined the #Property4Ukraine campaign. In this context, representatives of the real estate sector have transformed office spaces into living spaces for refugees. The company is also a sponsor of two football academies – BVB them. Łukasz Piszczek and Widzew Łódź.

A natural part of Panattoni’s development is also the support of local communities. The promoter creates the necessary road infrastructure in the areas of his investments, builds sidewalks or erects bus stops. In addition, it has planted many plants in the cities where it operates. The company also responds to other urgent needs, for example by financing the renovation of hospital services and health centers (for example in Gdańsk), or by equipping the sensory integration office in one of the primary schools in Warcz.

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