Total War: Warhammer 3 – Immortal Empires will be released this summer

April 29, 2022, 5:21 p.m.

We know Creative Assembly’s plans for Total War: Warhammer 3. It looks like we’ll be waiting for Immortal Empires, but we’ll be getting free units and lots of fixes.

We had to wait a long time for information on the future of the new Total War in the Old World. Today, however, finally published development plans Games Total War: Warhammer 3. Details are provided in the brand’s official blog entry, which also includes the graphic below summarizing the title’s further development.

The highly anticipated Immortal Empires is coming to Total War: Warhammer 3 this summer - Illustration #1

Source: Total War series official website.

Immortal Empires? Yes, but in beta

One of the most anticipated news is immortal empireswhich is a kind of continuation of “two” Mortal Empires – a gigantic campaign that will bring together maps and factions from all three games Total War: Warhammer. Unfortunately, while we received this expansion a month after the base debut, we’ll have to wait much longer for its “immortal” variation in all three.

immortal empires it won’t be available until Q3 2022, initially as an “embedded open beta”. Studio Creative Assembly explains that it will be a “monumental” undertaking, constantly improving and that its beta release emphasizes development.

We’ll hear more about the expansion in the coming months.

Warhammer Spring: Free Regiments and More Patches

That doesn’t mean we won’t get anything new until July or even September. The highlight of the second quarter will be two updates: 1.2 and 1.3.

These will introduce numerous fixes related to AI (including overly efficient AI tower builders and the sometimes unwarranted hostility of computer-run factions towards players), units (e.g. flying units that get stuck when attacking ground troops), skill trees, etc.

However, we will also receive the first package Regiments of Renown with new units. These will work a bit differently than in previous editions of the sub-series. The initial “regiments” will not be part of the DLC, but will be added in the base game update Total War: Warhammer 3. In other words, players will get them for free.

Moreover, the first packages of Regiments of Renown they will not focus on single parties. Each faction will receive new units for free.

Mods, patch 2.0 and more free units

We’ll have to wait until Q3 for the next major update. Little is known about the 2.0 patch, but it has been confirmed, among other additional improvements to skill trees and battles. But more important, then we will also receive total war Mounting kit – a set of tools to help fans create their own change.

Apart from immortal empires in the period from July to September we will have the second and third series Regiments of Renown, bloody new DLC (installed automatically if we have previous versions and vice versa) and a package with new lords, heroes, etc. Creative Assembly will also update the races for the first two parts of the sub-series. Total War: Warhammerbalancing them again and enriching them with new units, mechanics, etc.

Development (too) long, players get angry

As for the fate of the game after September, the developer still has no fully specified plans. There will be another update (small 2.1 or large 3.0) for sure, and the creators will tackle the “deprecated” chat, domination mode, and queues in matchmaking. Players will also receive a fourth pack Regiments of Renown.

Reaction fans on this “road map” is far from enthusiastic. Yes, some netizens are happy that Richard Aldridge, who was entrusted with the post-premiere development, is responsible for the DLC Total War: Warhammer 2 and apparently cheered by fans.

However, on message boards total war on Steam and on Reddit, complaints dominate, whether it’s the current state of the game (which apparently came out “a little” too early, at least judging by the reviews of netizens), or the exit immortal empires so late (at least four and a half months after Stand launch) and into beta (which immediately read as an announcement that this expansion was underdeveloped for the first time).

Some people are also amused that seemingly simple and long-needed fixes have been highlighted as important parts of the game’s development. Especially since the community fixed these and other shortcomings a long time ago. Warhammer 3 mods.

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