Apple is stuck in it and says it is rightly removing apps from the App Store

Apple has made a decision that has lit a real fire on the Internet – the Cupertino giant, however, does not care, backing down and claiming that its decisions are the fairest.

Apple removes outdated apps, even those that work just fine. Why? Because

Last week we announced that Apple has decided to remove a large number of “obsolete apps” from the App Store, thereby getting rid of a large number of very good programs and games. Many developers have received an email from Apple stating that their application has not been updated for three years or has not reached the minimum download threshold in the last 12 months, and will therefore be removed from the shop. As Krzysztof Rojek mentioned in his text, Apple did not mention what this update should be, and the email does not mention security issues or the use of a specific API. . Developers, especially those working on many smaller games, have been incredibly furious – and it’s hard for them to be surprised.

Of course, cleaning the store of apps that aren’t compatible with the latest operating system or just don’t work on the latest hardware makes as much sense as it gets. However, in the case of programs that, despite their age, work perfectly well, this is simply detrimental to developers. The creators were given 30 days to “meet the requirements” – and that’s incredibly inelegant behavior on the California company’s part. In most cases, digging into a game a few years old (i.e. productions from 6-8 years ago) is very difficult due to many technical aspects and, above all, simply not profitable.

The just indignation of the developers

Emilia Lazer-Walker and developer Protopop Games argued that the removal of older games is not only a slap in the face for indie developers, but also the loss of quite an important history for the industry. Protopop’s Kabwe noted that Apple’s removal of these apps is a bit like removing movies from the iTunes Store just because they appear with black stripes on the sides of modern TVs.

Some developers have also noted that Apple uses double standards in its new rules. One of the affected developers noted that Pocket God – a fairly popular mobile game – hasn’t been updated for seven years, but is still available on the App Store. Apple basically replied that it was still around because it was still popular.

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Apple commented on the huge wave of dissatisfaction on the Internet and announced that it was removing old apps to ensure “user confidence in high-quality apps” and to improve security, privacy and user experience. The California-based company doesn’t want the App Store to be cluttered with apps that developers and users have forgotten about.

From Apple’s perspective, I’m able to understand this step, but some application considerations are definitely missing here. Programs that have long ceased to be compatible with the current iOS or simply stopped working are actually a useless store item. The situation is different in the case of games from developers who constantly create new things, and even their old projects work in perfect condition on new iPhones or iPads. Bringing everyone together is a major source of disagreement – and of course it’s the right thing to do.

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The Cupertino giant, despite the certainty of its movement, has decided to be lenient with the developers, guaranteeing that everyone who receives a notification from this moment, as well as programmers who have already received the information, will have 90 days instead of 30 to update their application. This information is decidedly moderately optimistic, although it will certainly not meet the expectations of all developers. Digging through 8-year-old lines of code might not be an easy task and you have to think hard to find out if this is a worthwhile game – unfortunately the developers have been put against the wall for the moment.

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