Elden Ring – it won’t get better

We die regularly in the Souls series. The Elden Ring beats a criminal record in this regard. Miyazaki suddenly wanted to consolidate the big and huge places with the more prosaically smaller ones, so the concept of In between Lands was born. I won’t reveal when I define the Elden Ring as a collection of everything due to From Software. The combat system with the ability to skip Sekiro, counterattack after blocking attacks, use magic under the incantation clause, scale the character for given skills. Castles, dungeons or underground cities located on a seemingly huge world map. The mirages of adversity we’ve struggled with in Soulsborne from the start. In each boss – optional or fictitious, part of the old battles can be seen. Reproduction, or rather routine, has always been part of From Software’s work. Ever since the gates of Boletaria opened, we’ve been dying to rise up, smash through hordes of the exact same enemies, and fall prey to the boss. And therefore to win, to be caught again in the traps of routine. The case of Miyazaki’s games is interesting because this feature takes on a whole new meaning.

It develops a bit of persistence in the recipient and attempts exploration. Incomplete stories at first sight, which only gain in importance by wandering through successive rooms, courtyards and ambiguous conversations. And so the whole Elden Ring – in a word, nothing we don’t know anymore. The question is whether this is some sort of mockery of From Software’s honor? It starts traditionally. The fall of the rulers, a brotherly dispute over the rights to the throne of the Ancients, an enchanted queen and a broken world. An opening worthy of all the studio’s previous achievements. You build your Zmatowień by choosing one of ten classes. Due to being a big traditionalist, it inspired me in knightly battles. I’ve been doing this since Demon’s Souls. I already knew everything well, the construction of the world surrounded by a glow of grace and a large golden tree in the distance. I lost the clash with the supercoked boss, I moved on to the good game. The windy region of Pogrobno is full of ruins and mysterious figures every few kilometers. One ray as a navigator, the rest is taken care of by our cognitive intentions.

The Elden Ring effectively reminds us of its origins. The first teasers for the game appear before my eyes, which talked about the end of the Souls series as such. The Lands Inbetween is the land of all souls. However, anyone who thinks that if they have ever played a match in the cycle – knows them all, is wrong. Even after completing the Elden Ring, I wouldn’t say that. This world reminds you when you turn off your console. Hidetaka Miyazaki conducts a kind of therapy in our heads. How to make a person immediately addicted to the routine and not complain at the same time? Create a challenging genre of gameplay with no forgiveness for mistakes and rewarding patience. To enter the singularity of the world and the minimalism of its history. This is the recipe for the perfect game. Although the Elden Ring is not perfect. And it won’t.

fashion to die

Ring of Elden

From Software has built an unprecedented trend. We suddenly craved ruthlessly difficult games. The community has even spawned a kind of gamers who only like souls, as if they don’t recognize the rest of the titles. Too strict and restricted approach. According to some, the Elden Ring favors newcomers. This is perhaps what overwhelms them with this world. The map is completely secret. To discover its fragment, we are looking for special monoliths. And the road can be capricious and can actually deceive you. I also know of cases where the player doesn’t consciously use the aid of the steed, Strugga. Citing the satisfaction resulting from the independent exploration of between the lands.

The creators themselves seem to understand this. All castles or dungeons block the summoning of Struga, suggesting loyalty to tradition until death. Commercial interest proves that From Software has become a modern hardcore messiah. Funny because he does it against all odds. If another company released a product in similar technical condition to the Elden Ring, there would be no end to the hate. A win for concept, world design and gameplay beyond visual standards. The creators, however, did not hide a slight embarrassment seeing the renovation of Demon’s Souls. Remember that this is a project of a completely different scale, confined within the strict framework of the genre. Playing with trends has embarrassed many players.

The Elden Ring has everything it deserves. From mechanics to world design. Nothing is extraneous or redundant here. Recycling could not be avoided. It’s the curse of open worlds, no matter how successful the game. The flexibility of the storyline allows you to visit the location in any order. There is no unambiguous direction of the route, no specific marker being the only destination. You will climb the hill by yourself, deciding the fate of the land. You dedicate yourself to plundering dungeons or acquiring runes. The light only guides you, I don’t pull your hand. Awareness of numerous failures and uprisings won’t yield to you for a moment, but you know how addicting it is to Miyazaki. Especially after finishing the story. Will the adopted form stay with From Software forever? The fathers of the species took him into the open world themselves. And there will be no better soil this year. Read three years from now, when Miyazaki undertakes another mass therapy of players’ minds.

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