How to refresh your Android smartphone to make it like new? These tips will help you

Today most gear likes to break after the end of the warranty period. It’s no different smart phones. Therefore, it should not surprise us that manufacturers release new devices in the market every year. Before you want to replace the phone with a new onelet’s see if that’s not enough refresh your android. Thanks to this, we will save money and we will be able to continue enjoying the smartphone.

How to refresh your Android smartphone to make it like new?

Sometimes too lots of data on the phone slows down the processor. This results in a delay in the operation of the entire device. If we already have this problem, it is worth checking which ones at the very beginning apps we installed. We may have programs that we haven’t used for many months.

Ways to app removal there are many. We can browse downloaded programs in the menuto select the ones you decide to uninstall one by one. There is also an option to switch to Settingsand then w Mass memory. In the end we choose Memory management. On some models, this process will trigger Google files. We can tag a few unused apps at the same time to delete them. There is also in External programs Play Store allowing the verification of installed programs.

Apart from app removal we should also clean the data stored on the phone. It is not uncommon to save something in the phone memory and forget about it later. It doesn’t matter if they are photos that we needed for a specific reason or gifs downloaded from the Internet. All the data accumulates, filling the memory of our smartphone. All the files we saved can be managed by the app Files / MyFiles / File Manager.

The first place we should check here is Downloads folder. This is often where we collect documents that we download for a specific reason, sometimes for one-time use. While cleaning your phone, let’s also consider if it will be a better option move photos to the cloud.

System updates they often bring improve the performance of our phone. They also improve the quality of security and system errors. All of these aspects are important for success in Android operation. To make sure we have the latest version of Androidwe have to enter Settingsthen in System update. If a newer version of the system is available, click Download and install.

After system updatewe can check version of installed programs. Such a step will be useful when we feel a slowdown in the operation of the program. We can update the app from play store. There we enter our account and choose Manage apps and devicesand then w News. A list of installed programs that require updating is displayed.

Slow phone operationespecially on older models can be caused animation. They overload the processor and affect the operation of the entire software. You can disable animation in developer mode. To run it, go to Settings and a bookmark About Phone. We are looking for information about device serial number. We have to click on it several times to start a special mode.

After turning on developer mode we’re going back Settingsgo in Developer Options. There is a function in the menu Designwhere we can choose the window animation scale or disable it completely. We can do the same with other animations.

If we already enter Settingswe can also check the improvements it offers us android. It has a set of many equipment and allows to block certain functions. One can run dark modewhich will save the battery. Also available background app lock. They strain the processor and consume a lot of battery.

For freeze apps is running in the background, return to Developer Options. In the section apps we choose Background process limit, then we decide on the appropriate option for us. We may prevent any application from running or allow a specific number of programs to run in the background.

This is the “ultimate weapon” on ours Android. If all the previously mentioned suggestions do not help, complete clean the phone can give it a second life. Before undertaking these activities, it will be good to create system backup. We can then be sure that the most important system data will remain intact. After that we enter Settings, system and advanced options. Finally, we choose a function Erase all data. The next steps of this process will be presented on our phone screen.


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