PFR Foundation grant program “Wakacyjna ActivAKCJA” started

The call for applications for the 2nd edition of the program lasts until May 6! You can get PLN 5,000 for holiday educational and sports projects for children and teenagers.

Elementary schools, associations, foundations, non-governmental organizations, volunteer fire departments, orphanages, family orphanages, community centers, organizational units of churches based in the Republic of Poland, libraries, community centers, Educational and care institutions can join the vacation activation program. , rural housewives’ clubs, sociotherapy centers and educational centers in cities with up to 20,000 residents. In addition, initiatives implemented in the following voivodeships will be appreciated: Lubelskie, Podlaskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie.The call for applications for the 2nd edition of the program lasts until May 6!

As part of the Program, in 2021, 53 non-profit organizations were supported in carrying out their projects. This year, the prize pool amounts to PLN 500,000, which will be allocated to co-finance projects through which children and young people in Poland and Ukraine will spend their holidays in an active and attractive way!

  • The PFR Foundation has launched the 2nd edition of the “Activation Vacances Activation” scholarship program.
  • The aim of the project is to finance local summer initiatives all over Poland and to help organize holidays for children in Poland and Ukraine.
  • In this year’s edition, winning projects will receive financial support of up to PLN 5,000. The total amount of funds allocated for grants is PLN 500,000.

Like every year, children and teenagers are looking forward to the holidays, and each of them deserves to play carefree and actively during them. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, which is why the PFR Foundation will financially support local projects activating children and young people during the summer for the second time. “Wakacyjna ActivakCJA” is a grant program that funds non-profit projects of local organizations and institutions. This is the most extensive and unique social program aimed directly at supporting the activity and education of children during the summer holidays. However, this year is special – as a result of the war in Ukraine, 700,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren came to Poland (source: MEiN data of 03/18/2022), therefore, in this year’s edition, the Foundation intends also support projects whose element is the integration of young people from Poland and Ukraine.

Program for organizations all over Poland

We have decided to set up the next edition of Summer Activation, because we see the need to support children and young people not only during the school year, but also during the summer holidays. It is also important for their good personal and social development. I am sure that the projects submitted this year will be at least as inventive and valuable as the previous year. – says Magdalena Grzankowska, President of the PFR Foundation

Last year, co-funding was granted to various projects, such as a cycle rally along a historical or geographical route, day camps and youth camps with elements of hippotherapy for children with disabilities, sports competitions, open-air artistic workshops, walks around historical sites and nature reserves with guides and activities strengthening intergenerational links. This year we are also counting on the creativity and creativity of the organizers. However, it should be remembered that all projects must have a defined objective and a specific group of beneficiaries, planned activities, specific and real results and costs of implementation, so that they can achieve the fundamental objective of the project. program, namely to increase access to attractive offers. forms of past time.

Active leisure for every child

In this edition of “Holiday Activation”, the winning projects will receive support for the organization in the amount of up to 5,000 PLN, and the total pool of funds allocated to grants this year is 500,000 PLN. Thanks to the help of the PFR Foundation, several thousand children have the opportunity to spend the summer actively. To join the program, you must complete the grant application available on the program website and submit it by May 6, 2022. The program includes substantive assessment criteria for submitted projects. What matters will be the creativity and ingenuity of the project and its adjustment to the needs of the target groups. In addition, points will be awarded for initiatives with educational, sporting or recreational value as well as for elements of integration of school children from Poland and refugee children from Ukraine. Last year, the competition committee was pleasantly surprised by the originality and variety of ideas, this edition is counting on the same thing! We invite you to submit projects via the form:

The project partner was the Central House of Technology.

More information about the Wakacyjna Activaktacja grant program can be found on the PFR Foundation website:

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