realme GT 2 Pro: test and opinion. It does what other smartphones can’t

Every year, the market is flooded with dozens of smartphones that barely stand out in terms of design, specifications and functions. Testing the realme GT 2 Pro was a good stepping stone for me, because while it’s a smartphone that has serious shortcomings, it makes up for it with a few unique features.

The microscope makes the biggest impression on the realme GT 2 Pro

Macro photography is already the market standard, but most manufacturers are content with simple 2 megapixel cameras with a sharpness of around 4-5 cm. Alternatively, they use ultra-wide-angle cameras with autofocus and a short focusing distance.

realme GT 2 Pro has a rather unique approach to the subject, as its additional camera & hairsp; – & hairsp; which the manufacturer calls the microscope & hairsp; – & hairsp; may take a photo from a distance of only 1-3 mm. The photographed object is in the picture 20 or 40 times more than in reality.

After activating the microscope mode, the smartphone activates two LED lightsthat evenly illuminate the subject. Good photos can therefore be taken in all lighting conditions. Some examples below.

Paper towel edge:


Icon on the phone screen:

1 groszy piece:

1 groszy coin edge:

Fibers of denim pants:

Stylus tip:

realme GT 2 case texture:

Pattern on the ticket:

LED diode next to the smartphone camera:


Jelly beans with sprinkles:

In such a macro, practically everything looks cool, and most smartphones will not take such photos.

realme GT 2 Pro also has a lens with an extremely wide viewing angle

Ultra wide-angle lenses are now ubiquitous not only in smartphones of higher but also lower price segments. Most smartphones have a viewing angle between 110 and 120 degrees.

In this area, realme GT 2 Pro is ahead of the curve, as its lens has as much as possible 150 degree viewing angle. It’s a record that only OnePlus 10 Pro can match.

Photos can be taken as usual…

… ultra wide angle, where the frame is cropped and perspective correction is applied …

… even wider, named in software just 150 …

…Or with the fisheye effect.

Realme GT 2 Pro fits incomparably more into the frame than most smartphones available in the market, but it does not work in all settings. After activating mode 150, the smartphone disable perspective correctionthus frames full of straight lines can be slaughtered.

However, it all depends on the intentions of the photographer. Such a curved perspective has its charm and allows you to achieve unique effects that other smartphones could not cope with.

However, as I mentioned & hairsp; – & hairsp; mode 150 is optional. You can go to about 120 degrees, which helps correct perspective. Then the ultra-wide-angle photos are no different from those taken by other phones.

It’s a pity, that the camera interface is too complicated. The 150 mode is visible as a separate camera function, not the lens select button, which only forces you to unnecessarily scroll through the menu.

Also, night mode doesn’t work at 150 degrees, or even when shooting video.

An interesting distinctive feature of realme GT 2 Pro is 3D photo mode

The name “3D photos” is quite misleading because it is not real 3D. realme GT 2 Pro camera can do animated pictures with four different stereoscopic effects.





To achieve such an effect is very simple; you just need to select the appropriate mode and take a photo, and the software will process it and generate the video itself. Sometimes, however, realme GT 2 Pro cannot cope with accurate background clipping and the whole process has to be repeated.

3D photos not only work with people, but also with animals or objects. It is only important that the photographed object stands out clearly from the background.

Pretty cool stuff that doesn’t require any skill or tedious processing. Such animations, for example, uploaded to Instagram Stories may look more interesting than ordinary static photos.

Leaf housing is great

realme GT 2 Pro is the first smartphone with a case in special biopolymerfor the production of which dead leaves of trees or tall oil are used.

In addition to the ecological advantages of this material, it is just very handy. The case looks stock, fits well in the hand, doesn’t collect dirt, and will potentially be more resistant to damage than glass. The producer brags about it looks like paper and it’s actually a pretty accurate association.

I’ve said many times that when used thoughtfully plastic can be better than glass and the realme GT 2 Pro is a great example of that. In combination with metal frame the feeling of quality remains and the material has many practical advantages.

realme GT 2 Pro has some shortcomings though

The smartphone starts from the level PLN 3499. In its price range, it stands out, but its unique features have come at the price of some compromises. realme GT 2 Pro has several features that other smartphones do not have, but there are also quite a few that a phone over 3000 PLN should have.

First – telephoto. There’s not even a simple 2x webcam here, so zooming is done entirely digitally.

Second – wireless charging. The manufacturer boasts of fast wired charging, which does the job, but induction would increase the comfort of using the phone.

Third – watertightness certificate. Of course, its mere absence does not necessarily mean that the realme GT 2 Pro will not survive contact with water, but it would be nice if the manufacturer specified that it can be used without fear in the rain.

In this price range, it may not be an absolute standard, but also no whim.

Moreover, realme GT 2 Pro is quite a successful smartphone

6.7 inches AMOLED display it has a variable frequency for 120Hz. It displays a nice and smooth image, while saving energy.

Stereo speakers they play very soprano. They lack depth, but at least the sound is even, loud and clear.

The realme GT 2 Pro & hairsp; – & hairsp; with the exception of & hairsp; – & hairsp; aforementioned goodies has a large sensor and optical image stabilization, thanks to which it takes solid photos. It performs very well in more difficult lighting conditions, extracting plenty of detail even in deep darkness.

The smart phone is working infernal fast and smooth. Surprisingly, there are no overheating issues either; I tried torturing it in different ways and it only got warm (but still comfortable) after 20 minutes of 8K recording.

The 5000 mAh battery is so good. 8-9h on screen is within reach, and since the realme GT 2 Pro consumes little power in standby mode, you can easily get away on weekends on a single charge. And it’s the same landing it takes about 35 minutes to be fully operational, and we can’t complain about the comfort of day-to-day use.

Used the vibes are brilliant. Highly noticeable, yet pleasant and giving intuitive feedback when navigating the interface.

Is it worth buying realme GT 2 Pro?

realme’s flagship has several strong distinguishing features, the most impressive of which are the microscope and 150-degree lens. They are not useless bells and whistles, but solutions that give a lot of pleasure and allow you to do what other smartphones cannot do.

On the other hand, it is a transaction something for somethingbecause realme GT 2 Pro has some shortcomings compared to the competition. With 3500 PLN in your pocket you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE or OnePlus 9 Pro +. Both have a good telephoto lens, wireless and reverse charging, and a waterproof certificate, which realme’s flagship lacked.

True, the realme GT 2 Pro deserves attention, because it stands out from the crowd, and at the same time is not only original, but also simply successful smartphone. There is, and it’s an invaluable asset these days.

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