The 20th edition of the “Child Friendly World” Contest is over! – Article

The ceremony was hosted by: Paulina Chylewska and Artur Barcis. Our wonderful Laureates, Chapter and Partners, along with invited guests of honor, added splendor to the ceremony which was enhanced by performances of the musical AIDA.

The “Child Friendly World” competition is a national project of the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child. It was created 20 years ago to promote the idea of ​​creating toys and places that positively affect the cognitive, social and emotional development as well as the aesthetic sensitivity of the youngest. KOPD wants to distinguish and reward them for promoting products, places, initiatives and portals dedicated to children that meet the highest standards.

This year’s edition of the competition saw a record number of entries. More than 90 companies and institutions took part, registering a total of nearly 400 products or initiatives. The applications we have received have a common objective: to make children happy, through their education, their development and their pleasure. The KOPD chapter evaluated the candidates for their activities and products from 2021.

“This is definitely a unique edition, not only because the Competition is taking place for the 20th time, which makes us very happy, but also because of the quality of the applications we have received. Each year, for the Jury of the Competition, selecting the winners is a major challenge, and it was the same this time. Indeed, there is a record number of winners – but we let it go because of a beautiful anniversary: ​​the twenty years of the Competition. And forty years of KOPD activity, two anniversaries coinciding with a difficult and dramatic year and war events. But we believe, we work to make the world child-friendly. “- comments Magdalena Stachowiak-Alexandrowicz, one of the authors of the competition, responsible for public relations and promotion, member of the national council of the KOPD.

The twenty-first edition will start soon, news on, www.swiatp Przyjaznydziecku and in the social media of the organization.

List of results:


The unique composition of the Chapter The “Child-Friendly World” contest is created by: developmental psychologist Dorota Zawadzka, child psychologist Aleksandra Piotrowska, psychologist and KOPD president Mirosława Kątna, psychologist and educator Magdalena Dulęba-Basior, co-creator and organizer of the Contest Magdalena Stachowiak-Alexandrowicz, prof. Mieczysław Wasilewski, Anna Wakulak, Katarzyna Stoparczyk, Anna Oka, Dorota Mazurek, Justyna Marszałkowska-Jakubik, Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, Dorota Karbowska-Zawadzka, Artur Barcis and Małgorzata Janina Berwid.

The details of the Competition are available on the site:


About the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child

The Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child is a national public utility organization concerned with the protection of the rights and interests of children and their families. Since 1981, the Committee’s mission has been to prevent and prevent all forms of child abuse and to help families in crisis. KOPD carries out its mission through the Intervention Center in Warsaw and 20 local agencies throughout Poland. The Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, as a non-governmental organization, provides psychological, pedagogical, diagnostic, psychotherapeutic, mediation and legal assistance, seeking the most appropriate form of assistance for the child and his family.

KOPD’s mission is to help those who cannot protect themselves – children. We do this through public fundraising and CSR campaigns, social campaigns and events – including the Kid Friendly World competition. All this to carry out specific and wide-ranging activities – from legal advice, through diagnosis, long and short-term therapy, mediation or support groups. We also organize trainings and workshops for people professionally involved in helping children.

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