The construction of a new stadium in Płońsk is due to start this year!

16:59, 04/29/2022 | DT

After the promise of the government to financially support the construction of the stadium in Płońsk, the time has come to finalize and sign an agreement with the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports by the city authorities. This means that Płońsk received a grant in the total amount of just over PLN 14 million for the construction of a completely new sports facility for footballers and athletes and for the modernization of the indoor swimming pool. The contractor for the complete renovation of the swimming pool has already been selected. In turn, construction work on the stadium is due to begin this year. – We are happy today, we have what we expected – comments Mayor Andrzej Pietrasik, who on Friday together with councilors, MCSiR management and representatives of the local sports community met with Maciej Wąsik, a deputy from our district and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Administration to provide journalists with updated information on this subject.

– The Minister kept his word, supported our candidacies and we obtained funding for them. In these two projects, we have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Sports to co-finance our investments up to the amount planned. The city council has adopted a budget where these investments in sports infrastructure are fully implemented

– said the mayor of Płońsk at the conference Andrzej Pietrasik.

– Today we have chosen a company that will modernize the pool for the amount of 6 million 700 thousand PLN. zloty (this investment must be made within 15 months of signing the contract – editor’s note). We will start working immediately, because the installation is very necessary, and the devices that work in the pool around the clock are original devices from the establishment of the Płońsk pool, that is, from 1998. Experts do not hide their amazement that all this still works on the same technologies – was admitted by the head of the town hall.

– I have witnessed the history of our pool since the social committee was formed to build this facility. He was born in pain, but he is and serves the development of physical culture in our city

he said in turn Henrik ZienkiewiczChairman of the Płońsk City Council.


– This investment is socially necessary, it is expected. We already have questions about when are we going to close the pool and when are we going to reopen it. We will know the answers to these questions when the contractor presents a work program that we will agree together

– he added Waldemar Kunickidirector of the municipal sports and recreation center in Płońsk.

Recall that the grant for this purpose in the amount of PLN 2.4 million was obtained from the Fund for the Development of Physical Culture under the “Sport Poland” program.

As for the complete reconstruction of the city stadium, the estimated investment cost is 24 million 300 thousand. zloty. The government subsidy amounts to almost PLN 12 million.

– We are happy to have the money. We will launch the tender procedure as soon as possible. The whole task is to be completed by the end of 2024 – Andrzej Pietrasik pointed out, adding: – In the case of the stadium, the situation is the same as in the case of the swimming pool. There was no such pool between Warsaw and Olsztyn at that time. You go down in history like other ministers, because there is no such Warsaw stadium in Olsztyn; in Płock it is still similar, but not like ours – the mayor of Płońsk was happy to address MP Wąsik. – It will be a fully professional stadium where international competitions will take place. Due to the excellent location in relation to Warsaw, PZLA intends to organize important competitions here, and I would like to organize locally Olympic Games of the partner cities of Płońsk for children and young people in the new stadium. It would be one of the first events if we happily finish building this stadium.

– This investment in the stadium is not an investment in the tartan, the turf or the stands – it is an investment in the children and young people so that they can develop their physical fitness. The more we spend on sport, the less we spend on health – a deputy spoke Maciej Wasik. – My goal is to help the local community, regardless of the differences of opinion between us on certain issues. A stadium like this is a big deal – underlined the politician.

The mayor of Płońsk echoed this, stressing that political differences should not overshadow activities of common interest, such as the construction of a new sports facility in Copernicus and the modernization of the dilapidated swimming pool.

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