The forest connects – in the Lipusz forest district they planted another ten hectares of Kościerzyna forest

A week ago, almost a thousand people planted a forest in the Lipusz forest district. This is the end of the “Do Nasadzenia” campaign initiated a few years ago by the Torus company from Gdańsk in order to support the restoration of the forest after the 2017 storm. The strategic partner of the event was the Regional Directorate of Gdańsk State Forests. This year’s edition was also attended by families of refugees from Ukraine.

– This action is not only very necessary, but also extremely impactful and triggers incredibly positive emotions. She showed me personally how enormous amounts of energy lie dormant in companies, and especially in people. We created an opportunity to get involved in the tree planting project and from the start we were surprised by the response, commitment and effects that exceeded our expectations. One of the foresters told me during the last edition that these “our” seedlings hold up better than with traditional plantations of this type. We released people’s inherent strengths, we released energy and it’s fantastic – says Sławomir Gajewski, president of Torus company, which is the originator and organizer of the campaign.

The power of nature

The storm that swept across the country in 2017 in just a few hours caused huge damage to forests, the largest in the region of the Lipusz forest district. The year 2022 marks the end of the renovation work carried out by the Regional Directorate of State Forests which, according to the provisions of the forestry law, must take place within 5 years from the felling of the trees. Of the 4,200 hectares destroyed, approximately 3,600 hectares have been entirely renovated, including more than 600 hectares in a natural way, by sowing seeds from trees that survived the cataclysm. This year, on an area of ​​almost 10 hectares, the participants of the ‘Do planting’ campaign planted Scots pine and birch. In addition, to enrich the habitat, biocenotic species were planted: mountain ash, ałycz plum, hawthorn. The action, as always, arouses a lot of emotions not only among the participants, but also among the foresters.

– For foresters, tree planting campaigns have above all a social and educational dimension. However, already at the beginning of cooperation with Torus, it turned out that apart from this, the “Do planting” campaign brings great value in building relationships – the opportunity to get to know each other through foresters and participants. The organisation, the atmosphere and the positive involvement of the “city people” definitely set it apart from the rest and it is no coincidence that we are organizing the next edition together – says Jan Kowalke, Forest Service specialist, Inspection forest of Lipusz.

In addition to forest restoration, another challenge faced by foresters is fire protection of forest areas. Catastrophic rainfall in March this year. they pose a huge fire hazard.

– This is one of our biggest worries right now. An additional problem generated by the low total precipitation is the more difficult starting of young trees. At the forest nursery, we were able to provide them with adequate hydration, and by moving them to forest areas, we leave them alone. It only depends on the weather conditions and their own strength whether they will survive this difficult period – adds Jan Kowalke.

Mobilization and additional attractions

In previous editions of the “Do planting” campaign, we managed to plant a total of more than 200,000 new young trees on an area of ​​almost 20 ha, involving several thousand people from several dozen companies. During Saturday’s action, around 100,000 seedlings were planted over an area of ​​almost 10 ha!! Traditionally, planting began with instructions on planting and using a stick. During the planting, the foresters of Gdańsk watched over each of them, who, in addition to the instruction, also actively helped to plant trees – especially the young ones – participants. The children, who help plant trees, learn to commune with nature and learn about the importance of the forest to people. State forests have prepared a number of attractions for children, incl. educational supports and games with the use of wooden elements.

Due to the completion of forest restoration work in areas destroyed by the 2017 storm, this year’s ‘Do planting’ campaign is ending its years-long shelter in the Lipusian forests.

Info. Lipusz Forest District

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The forest connects – in the Lipusz forest district they planted another ten hectares of forest. If you believe a comment should be removed, please report it using the “report” link.

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