AI in the Samsung Family Hub™ refrigerator. A new dimension of cooking presented at CES 2020 – Samsung Newsroom UK

At this year’s CES 2020, Samsung unveiled the latest version of the Family Hub™ refrigerator with new smart features to enhance everyday activities. The new refrigerator will make it easier for family members to share important information and control more connected devices within a smart home, as well as plan meals. Users can now count on an even more personalized experience thanks to the latest Family Hub™ model.

  • At CES 2020, Samsung introduced the next generation of the Family Hub™ refrigerator.
  • The devices are equipped with new artificial intelligence functions that make it easier to plan meals, from shopping to preparing at home.
  • AI, using cameras inside the fridge, automatically scans the products inside, identifies them and sends notifications about what other family members have bought or eaten.
  • The quick one-click planner gives you recipe recommendations for the whole week.
  • Now you can monitor and control over 1,000 SmartThings-enabled devices using Family Hub™.

Smart Home starts in the kitchen

The Samsung Family Hub™ refrigerator has changed the face of many homes since its debut. This multimedia device has become a kind of management center, sealing the role of the kitchen as the most important room in the house and facilitating the planning of daily tasks. When designing the new generation Family Hub ™, Samsung took into account the experience of users using previous versions of the refrigerator. As a result, a device was created equipped with the most coveted innovations.

Since we introduced the Family Hub™ to the market five years ago, this device has been refined with innovations that meet the needs of today’s busy families. said John Herrington, senior vice president, general manager of home appliances, Samsung Electronics America. – The latest version of the refrigerator is the most innovative to date. It offers personalized and smart features that help busy families stay in even closer contact with each other.

Smart Meal Planning

With the new Family Hub™ refrigerator, users will spend less time planning meals and more time enjoying them. The device lets you personalize the entire eating experience – recommends recipes tailored to your personal food preferences, helps you create a meal plan for the whole week based on stored items with just one click, and makes it easy also preparing a shopping list with all the ingredients you need. . The cameras inside the Family Hub™ feature all-new AI image recognition technology that automatically scans food in the fridge, identifies it, and lets you know what other family members have bought or eaten .

To help users plan meals even more accurately and efficiently, Samsung has partnered with Samsung NEXT’s recently acquired startup Whisk. Whisk helps you plan a complete meal and even meals for the whole week. Innovative technology adjusts recipes based on how many people are going to eat and creates a smart shopping list with the ingredients needed to cook multiple dishes.

Closer to family

The introduction of the Family Board display on Family Hub™ refrigerators has had a huge impact on the lives of families who use this virtual board to highlight important life moments and share their favorite songs and photos. In the new version of the refrigerator, Family Board also supports video sent to the device directly from the smartphone.

To make sharing easier, Family Hub™ has also updated the SmartView feature which mirrors content from Samsung TVs and mobile devices connected to the fridge. With Family Hub’s full-screen vertical orientation, you can enjoy vertically shot movies on your smartphone and your favorite content on social media.

Connect and control as part of a smart home

The new Family Hub™ takes smart home management to a whole new level. Now you can monitor and control over 1000 SmartThings-enabled devices: turn the lights on and off, see who’s calling at the door, adjust the temperature or lock the front door. And with the new SmartThings video widget, you can also check your home surveillance to see your entire property from the kitchen*.

The latest Family Hub ™ model is user-friendly, advanced and modern at the same time, making it the perfect solution for today’s kitchens, where internet-connected devices are increasingly appearing.

All of the above solutions will be available in select markets.

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