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Registrations for “Giants School – AI Lab” have started.

Exactly that Artificial intelligence is the main topic of the fourth edition of free national webinars on programming and mathematics for children and adolescents. The event, thanks to the online form, is available from anywhere in Poland, and participation is completely free. The action is organized by the school PROGRAMMING GIANTS and will continue in time 29.11. – 10/12/2021 r. The honorary sponsors of the event are: the Secretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in charge of digitization, the ORE and 50 town halls.

Free Webinars in Programming and Mathematics

Another edition of the campaign Programming giantsis a response to the immense interest of the youngest in the field of modern technologies and programming. Also this time “School of Giants” it will consist of a series of free webinars organized on the YouTube channel, to which we invite children and adolescents from primary and secondary schools.

The programming courses have been divided into two age groups: 9-12 years old and 13-19 years old, during which participants will learn the secrets of programming Artificial Intelligence in the environment. Stripe and design of websites in languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The mathematical part, for its part, is aimed in particular at pupils who will soon be taking the 8th year exam. Participation in the courses is completely free, only registration is required through the registration form available on the event website

What is Artificial Intelligence? What can we create with it? How to become a technological master? To find the answers to these and other annoying questions related to the world of modern technologies, all you have to do is sign up for webinars.

During classes divided into two age categories, students will learn the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning and carry out AI-based projects. During the webinars, participants will learn, among other things, how to teach and test artificial intelligence, and during the final courses, they will acquire knowledge, among other things, how to program the computer to recognize gestures and movements.

That’s not all !

Again prepared too special webinars in mathematics, on which the sample 8th grade test sheets will be solved, and solutions to individual tasks will be discussed with a qualified mathematics teacher.

“Artificial Intelligence surrounds us from all sides and we face it almost at every step, although sometimes we are not aware of it. Hence the idea that the next edition of the School of Giants will focus on the subject of AI. The digitization and robotization of our lives is inevitable, and knowledge and awareness of how it works allows us to use it safely and consciously. We cordially invite you to participate in the webinars – our event, thanks to the online formula, is accessible to all interested people and you can participate from anywhere in Poland and the world. ” – Dawid Leśniakiewicz – board member of Giganci Programowania.

Webinar organizer “School of Giants” are “Giants of Programming”, the largest programming school for children and teenagers in Poland with numerous institutions abroad: incl. in Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Chile, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia and Singapore. It is here that from an early age, students are introduced to the world of programming and new technologies, they develop logical thinking, the ability to solve problems and stimulate their creativity.

“Schools with Giants” is a social partner HACKERS – a national community created by the Sarigato Foundation, which helps children in need to become independent by learning new technologies and digital skills.

The first classes start on November 29 at 5:30 p.m.

All current information about the event can be followed on the giants profile on Facebook. Koduj z Gigantami / Szkoła z Giantsami.

Registration for the event has already started!

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The media sponsor of the event is the portal.

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