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What is the Dark Web and how is it different from the Deep Web? How to Access the Dark Web Using the Tor Network, and Why You Shouldn’t?

the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. The worldwide connection system between devices offers almost unlimited possibilities. You should know that the Internet is much bigger than we think. Besides popular sites like Facebook, Google, netflix, Amazon and millions of lesser-known sites accessible with a regular web browser, it also has a second face.

Dark Web - what is it, what does it contain and how to get into it

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Talk about dark web and deep webwhich are far more mysterious than the widely used internet. None of these things can be found by typing the given password into any of the web search engines. Thus, most users wonder what can be found in the dangerous and hard-to-reach corners of the Internet. Is it safe to visit the Dark Web and the Deep Web?

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In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the internet and its dark side.

What is the Dark Web?

dark web is a concept that refers to websites that exist behind multiple layers encryptionthat cannot be found using traditional web search engines such as Google if yahoo and cannot be viewed using regular web browsers such as Google Chrome or MozillaFirefox.

Almost all pages on the Dark Web hide their identity using encryption tools. This is usually a network Track, which has the ability to hide the identity and activity of its users. With the use of the Anonymous Tor network, the user can hide their location in the same way as with the use of vpn.

In fact, Tor multiplies a user’s location changes. To visit a dark web page that uses Tor encryption, use the Tor browser. Thanks to him, the IP address is changed several times and goes through multiple layers of encryption.

Thanks to this solution, the pages of the Dark Web are easily accessible and can be visited by any Internet user with the appropriate software, but on the other hand, it is very difficult to determine who is responsible for the construction of a given page and who visit.

What’s on the Dark Web?

Not all Dark Web pages use Tor. Some use similar services such as I2P. The principle, however, remains the same. Visitors must use the same encryption tool as your website and, most importantly, know where to find the website to enter its URL and visit it.

The infamous examples of websites on the Dark Web are Silk Road and dream market. Previously, it was also the site of The Silk Road, where you could buy and sell drugs and many other even more dangerous things. On the other hand, the Dark Web is not always used illegally.

People operating in closed and totalitarian societies can use the Dark Web to communicate with the outside world. Considering the recent rumors that the governments of major powers are closely monitoring their users’ Internet activities and the problems of the popular VPN, it can be concluded that using the Dark Web is not a stupid idea at all.

The Dark Web first made headlines in August 2015. Since then, the media popularity of this solution has grown steadily. The Dark Web was revealed after it was reported that 10GB of data had been stolen Ashley Madison – Canadian online dating site and social networking site dedicated to married people. The hackers stole data from the service and threatened to make it available online if the site is not shut down. The spouses of Ashley Madison users then received letters demanding payment of $2,500 in bitcoins. In the event of non-compliance with the order, proof of the spouses’ infidelity had to be revealed.

There are more and more events using the Dark Web. For this reason, some countries set up special government cells to fight against the dark side of the Internet. An example is the United Kingdom, which in March 2015 created a special cybercrime unit, whose task is to combat the Dark Web with a focus on neutralizing serious criminals and eliminating data sharing. child pornography.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web

Although the two terms are used interchangeably, they do not always refer to exactly the same thing. deep web applies to all web pages that cannot be easily found using a search engine.

The Deep Web includes the Dark Web, but also all user databases, mail pages, chat rooms and much more.

Deep Web is anything available on the internet, but not readily available to find. For example, the PCWorld.pl website contains many links to articles, texts, descriptions and other individual items. They are publicly available and anyone can find them. On the other hand, when writing a text that has not yet been officially published, it is also available on the Internet, but not publicly. This means that someone who does not know the exact URL of the page will not be able to launch it because it is not indexed and does not appear in search databases.

Login authentication systems work in a similar way. Although they are not available to users, they are not on the Dark Web at the same time.

As shown in the examples above The Deep Web should not be confused with the Dark Web. They are completely different concepts that mean something else.

What is the Dark Internet?

The timing is confusing dark internet it is also sometimes used to describe other examples of websites, databases, and other items on the Internet that are not easily found and not accessible solely through the Internet. In this case, it is for technical reasons, or because the data on the site contains niche information that interests a handful of audiences, or because it is private data.

The basic rule is that while the expressions Dark Web or Deep Web have become very media-friendly and are widely used by newspapers and the media to refer to all kinds of dangers and crimes, the Dark Internet is a boring place where scientists store data on all kinds of research and development programs.

How to access the Dark Web?

Technically, it’s a very simple process. You should also know that it is not illegal. All you have to do to access the Dark Web is download, install and run Track. Simply visit www.torproject.org and download the latest version Tor Browser Bundlewhere all the necessary tools are located. After downloading, run the file, extract it and click the Start Tor Browser button. That’s all there is to it.

Dark Web - what is it, what does it contain and how to get into it

Source: pcworld.com

Control Panel Vidalia it will automatically take care of random network configuration, and when Tor is ready, a browser will open. When you are done browsing, simply close it to disconnect from the network.

Depending on what the user intends to do on the Dark Web, some netizens recommend covering the webcamto avoid the possibility of others watching.

You should know that due to the specificity of the Dark Web, it is difficult to find what the user is looking for. As there are many illegal websites on the Dark Web, we will not make any recommendations.

Using the Dark Web with Tor is not always secure. The user then finds himself dangerously close to all fake websites and, in addition, exposes himself to the installation of a number of them. malwarewhich can wreak havoc on your operating system. Viruses of this type are much more malicious than those that can be installed via the Internet.

Due to their specific nature, dark web websites very often disappear or change address.

The above article has been created as a guide that explains what it is dark web, deep web and dark internetbut is not intended to encourage users to engage in such solutions, or to promote illegal or immoral behavior.

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