Deputy Minister Ozdoba: We are launching public consultations regarding the universal deposit system and “without receipt” – Ministry of Climate and Environment

The deposit system should be understood as a system in which a fee is collected when products are sold in packaging, which is returned when the packaging or packaging waste is returned without the need to present a receipt. confirming the previous payment of the deposit.

As explained by Jacek Ozdoba, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, the deposit system will include single-use plastic bottles for drinks up to 3 liters and reusable glass bottles for drinks up to 3 liters. to 1.5 liters.

Entrepreneurs introducing beverages into packaging, they will be required to ensure, within the framework of the deposit created, the level of selective collection of packaging or packaging waste from this packaging. Ultimately, by 2030 – 90% of introduced packaging of a given type. If the required separate collection levels are not met, merchants will be charged a product fee

– he said.

Who creates the system

Deputy Minister Ozdoba noted that the deposit system will be created by introducing beverages into packages covered by the system. The bill leaves great freedom to entrepreneurs in the creation of the system. However, it specifies the conditions that such a system must meet. An entity will represent the introducers. The representative of the introducing participants participating in the system will submit an annual report on the operation of the deposit system to the Minister responsible for climate issues. The activation of the system will require authorization, issued by order, by the Minister responsible for the climate. The representative entity must submit a request for authorization to launch the deposit system to the Minister no later than 6 months before its planned launch.

Although the deposit system is not mandatory, the requirement to achieve separate collection levels only through the deposit system will encourage entrepreneurs to create such systems. In the event of non-adherence to the system, entrepreneurs will be required to pay the product fee.

In the future, after the entry into force of the changes to the ROP system for packaging, it is planned to introduce a packaging fee exemption mechanism for those who introduce beverages into packaging, subject to the system set point in relation to the collection level obtained in the system. The above exemption will prevent market operators from incurring double costs in terms of financing the same objective (collection of packaging waste).

The amount of the deposit, the collection method for packaging and packaging waste

Deputy Minister Ozdoba pointed out that the draft law does not specify the amount of the deposit for packaging. It leaves the choice of its amount to entrepreneurs who, because of the collection levels required, will set its amount at an optimal level, encouraging, on the one hand, buyers to return the packaging, and, on the other hand, not not excessively increase the price of the products offered.

The draft law does not impose on the entrepreneurs creating the system the choice of the method of collection of packaging and packaging waste. They will thus be able to base the system only on the collection of packaging and waste by the stores, but they will also be able to install vending machines to collect the bottles in and out of the stores.

– he underlined.

As the Deputy Minister added, the choice of collection method will therefore be dictated by the entrepreneurs’ assessment of its effectiveness in ensuring the required collection levels.

Universal system and “without receipt”

On the other hand, the proposed regulations require each store with a sales area of ​​more than 100 m2 to collect empty packaging and packaging waste from packaging subject to deposit and to return the deposit. Small commercial units will be able to collect these packages and return the deposit at the same time on a voluntary basis. On the other hand, all commercial units offering products in packaging subject to a deposit will be required to collect a deposit.

– explained the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

The return of the packaging will not require a receipt confirming the prior payment of the deposit. In turn, the unclaimed deposit will be transferred to the producers to be used only for the operation of the system

– added.

Delays in commissioning surety systems

We assume that the proposed regulation will enter into force on January 1, 2023. At the same time, the bill assumes that introducing entities will be required to create the system no later than 24 months after the entry into force of the law – so by the end of 2024 at the latest.

Deputy Minister Ozdoba said.

Comments and opinions on the draft can be submitted within 30 days from the date of submission of the draft for public consultation to the following address:

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