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During the event, we will listen to three lectures, and their topics will be: in-game advertising, e-commerce, advertising campaigns in the META environment. Performers: Karolina Diakowska (General Manager of GAM3RS X), Jakub Kozłowski (Performance Marketing Coordinator at WE!RE FANTASY), Kamila Dróżka (Country Polska & CEE Manager at Criteo), Rafał Sobierajski (Team Leader, Business Factory Poland). DIMAQ Voice Online will take place on April 26, from 3:00 p.m. to 4:40 p.m., on the LiveWebinar platform.

Course I, hours 15:05
“Metavers or in-game – what to choose?”
Karolina Diakowska, General Manager of GAM3RS X
Jakub Kozłowski, Performance Marketing Coordinator at WE!RE FANTASY

In the presentation, experts will explain the differences between in-game advertising, using the Roblox platform, and the possibilities of the metaverse. They will show why it is worth using such tools from a marketer’s perspective and what they bring to the community.

Second lesson, hours. 15:35
“E-commerce in 2022: consumer trends and the future”
Kamila Dróżka, Country Manager Polska & CEE at Criteo

Over the past few years, many of us have adapted to this changing reality. We changed jobs, apartments, or some other way to change our lives. Often, the Internet has played an important role in these changes, which for a growing number of consumers has become the first place to meet their shopping needs.

To understand how consumer behavior and preferences have changed, Criteo analyzed the results of surveys conducted for us with over 17,000 respondents worldwide, as well as shopping signal data from our 22 000 advertisers. This presentation will highlight the main trends we observed.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • Is omnichannel the future?
  • What does returning to social life and travel look like after restrictions are lifted?
  • How can you use the growing popularity of video in your own activities?
  • What role does the open Internet play in the consumer journey?

Conference III, hours. 4:05 p.m.
“How to increase sales on Facebook and Instagram? Proven solutions and strategies.”
Rafał Sobierajski, Team Leader, Business Factory Polska

During the presentation, you will learn the most common “blockers” in the effective running of advertising campaigns in the META environment (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp) and how to solve them, including – using the ROI tool Hunter.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to create effective advertising in the META environment?
  • What are the reasons for inefficient scaling of sales on Facebook?
  • How to draw conclusions from your own sales data?
  • How to improve sales scaling with ROI Hunter?

DIMAQ Accreditation

DIMAQ certificate holders receive 5 to 7 recertification points for their participation in the event. Participant and Speaker scoring details are available at: dimaq.pl/dimaq-voice-online/

The link to free registration is here.

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What can you gain by being a DIMAQ Voice speaker?

  • If you hold a DIMAQ certificate, you can obtain up to 40 recertification points (25 guaranteed, in addition up to 15 points depending on the audience)
  • You will reinforce your image as an expert
  • You will present interesting solutions/cases of your company

To become a DIMAQ Voice speaker, you do not need to have a DIMAQ certificate. If your presentation is original and meets the specified background requirements, we will certainly contact you to discuss the details and schedule a suitable date for your presentation.

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