Discover 5 ways to promote during the holidays! Last minute marketing ideas

Promotion during the holiday season is the key to increasing sales towards the end of the year. The competition does not sleep! Customers are the lifeblood of any business, regardless of size. Their reviews and returns to the thresholds of given business premises, both fixed and virtual, are the only true measure of business success. Therefore, building relationships with customers should be one of the main tools for business development. We are aware that it is daily work and a long process. However, there are times when you have to pull all your aces up your sleeve not to fall for the rich offers of the competition. This is especially true for small businesses and sole proprietorships that don’t have gigantic advertising budgets. Such a period is around Christmas, when customers have high needs and at the same time are surrounded by a commercial offer at every stage. How to make them choose yours?

How to promote your business before Christmas? Here are some ways

The difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on many companies and industries. Small entrepreneurs, artisans, small shop owners and stationery sellers, in particular, needed to be creative and entrepreneurial, for example by entering the world of e-commerce in order to maintain their business. The wounds after the changes are yet to heal, and the end of 2021 is near, which means real shopping madness.

Ways to increase your sales during the holiday season:

  • email and social media marketing
  • flash sale
  • surprising Christmas atmosphere and attractions
  • common charitable actions
  • Live advice (e.g. Facebook live)
  • web visibility and data update

Coming soon a period of intense marketing activities in the commercial industry. So it’s a chance for small traders to get high turnover and catch their breath. You just need to know how to let your customers spot you among pop-up ads and enticing offers from global competition, including retail giants.

It’s never too late to start doing things differently and better! To meet ways to quickly promote the product or services during the holiday season. Our easy-to-implement tips are relevant for local shops as well as online and social media sales.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business Quickly and Effectively This Holiday Season

1. Invite customers through email marketing and social media. Use the so-called instant sale.

Email marketing is an effective communication tool for online stores as well as stationary retail stores. If you want to use this form of promotion, all you have to do is write an email to your customers and potential customers (from the mailing list). Email should be a gift. Enter the discount code and information about the so-called instant sales to all addresses in the mailing list. Keep your post title up to date and interesting, add a cute GIF to bring some good humor to the reader and include a clear call to action eg. click on the code or come with the code in store. Provide the potential customer with the benefits of having the code, eg free shipping, 2 for 1, 30% off, surprise gift, etc.

Place an interesting photo on your social media profiles and invite them to a flash sale (closed within a time frame). You can also enter happy hour. Inform about these actions on your profiles, by e-mail and on the website.

2. Use the power of your senses… and act on the stimuli of passers-by.

Think about how you can decorate your site or what to put in front of the store to entice potential customers to stop by? Offer an eye-catching image, soft music, a slogan offering advantages at the entrance of the store (discount on a coffee in a partner café with each purchase, participation in the contest, hand-painted ball with each purchase beyond a certain amount, 10% discount on the amount spent to be used next week, etc.). Hire a hostess, offer gingerbread cookies to your customers, think of an animator reading fairy tales to children while their parents are shopping in your store. Customers enjoy shopping in a festive atmosphere. Sometimes the simplest solutions bring dramatic results.

3. Encourage your joint support for a charity.

The key is not the story you tell, but the consumer becoming their hero -Chris Brogan

It’s no secret that emotions play a big part in buying decisions, especially around Christmas. Charities often use this time for additional fundraising, and they find it easier to reach donors by working with businesses. Find out about the needs of organizations that are particularly in need of help in winter: animal shelters, night shelters for the homeless, community centres, foundations covering the high treatment costs of children, etc. Shopping and help can be combined. Use one of the methods:

  • a certain percentage of each sale will be donated to charity
  • give your customers the option to donate to charity during the checkout process
  • thank you for the purchases by distributing a leaflet of the supported foundation
  • Include a Christmas treat or small decoration with each donor’s purchases

4. Organize live on Facebook gift guide

A great opportunity to present your products in a practical and popular context. Videos are more open on the web than any other content, and an attractive live video with tips on choosing gifts for individuals, how to wrap them will surely attract attention! You can increase interest by adding information about a promo code for meeting attendees valid for a specific time to use in your online or stationary store.

5. Check if your brand is visible on the web

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete your web placements i.e. website, company blog, sales pages, online store, product pages, customer profiles social media and finally – Google My Business storefront. In addition to basic data, attractive and thematic graphics (related to the holiday season and planned actions, such as sales and contests), add customer reviews. social proof social proof) will not only promote the positioning of your shop in the search engine, but above all it will give credibility to the quality of services and products. Carefully read customer reviews and opinions, choose the most interesting quotes and use them in social media posts, newsletters, email marketing or offline promotional activities.

If you are just starting your holiday business now, you can still get a satisfying return on that investment, while increasing your own brand awareness in the market and gaining new loyal customers. The key to success is combining different quick marketing ideas, analyzing their effectiveness, and repeating what worked best throughout the season.


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