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The prolonged period of the COVID-19 pandemic requires the preparation of specific solutions that will enable schools to carry out their statutory tasks. Due to the increasing number of cases in recent days, it is necessary to temporarily limit classroom studies. The start and end dates of the winter holidays in the various provinces of the 2021/2022 school year remain unchanged.

Art schools and institutions

Art schools providing only art education, art institutions, art schools providing general education in the field of primary school in grades V-VIII or general secondary school, are transferred to the mode of distance learning.

Special schools

In special primary schools (V-VIII grades), as well as in special secondary schools, including those operating in special educational and educational centers and organized in medical entities and social welfare units, classes can be conducted on a fixed basis. The final decision in this regard will be made by the Director.

MOW, MOS, psychological and educational counseling centres, rehabilitation classes

Youth education centers, youth sociotherapy centers, rehabilitation and education centers, special education centers and psychological and educational counseling centers will work on the current rules due to the need for ensure the continuity of early support for the development of the child, special education, including rehabilitation, rehabilitation and re-education courses, socio-therapeutic and revalidation and educational activities in direct contact with the child and the pupil.

School activities for students with disabilities

In the case of schools whose operation has been limited – with regard to pupils who, due to the type of disability, will not be able to follow lessons at their place of residence – the director is obliged to organize fixed lessons at school or using distance learning methods and techniques – in school buildings.

Dormitories, boarding houses, educational institutions

Dormitories and boarding schools will operate according to the rules in force.

Consultations for students preparing for this year’s eighth grade and matriculation exams

The possibility of organizing consultations at school for pupils respectively preparing for the eighth or maturity examination has been left open. The headteacher may organize individual or collective consultations at school with the teacher who leads the pedagogical lessons in the subjects in which the pupil is taking the eighth year examination or the secondary school leaving examination . Participation in consultations is voluntary. The organization of the consultations depends on the needs of the pupils, as well as the working conditions of the school.

A student preparing for the eighth grade or matriculation exam, respectively, must be able to explain difficult problems, systematize material or talk to the teacher. In addition, within the framework of consultations, the school head can organize tests at the school to check the level of preparation of the pupils for the eighth or baccalaureate examination.

Practical courses and apprenticeships

Due to the specificity of vocational education, directors of establishments providing vocational education, vocational training centers and continuing education establishments will be able to organize practical courses at the place where they take place (stationary). These courses will take place on certain days of the week and the duration of these courses may not exceed 16 hours per week.

It is also possible to carry out professional internships at the place where they take place. At the same time, the possibility of carrying out apprenticeships in other forms introduced during the pandemic (for example in the formula of a virtual company or an educational project) has been retained.

Courses in the field of practical vocational training (practical classes and apprenticeships) can be provided at employers’ or at individual farms, as long as there are no events in these entities which, due to the current epidemiological situation, could pose a threat to the health of students.

The solutions envisaged also apply to practical education provided within the framework of lifelong learning in out-of-school forms.

Practical courses for young workers

Students of all classes of 1st degree vocational schools, who are minor employees, will carry out full-time practical courses with employers, unless the employer has events which, due to the current epidemiological situation , could pose a threat to the health of a teenage employee.

Camps for young workers

The theoretical training camps for underage workers, which started before January 27, 2022 and were not conducted remotely (in accordance with the regulations issued on the basis of art. 30c of the law of December 14, 2016 – Law on education), can be implemented in the place where they are conducted until their completion. On the other hand, camps that started between January 27 and February 27 of this year can still be organized remotely.

Consultations for students of schools and institutions providing vocational training

In the case of schools providing vocational education, vocational training centers and continuing education institutions – respectively for students taking the professional examination or the examination confirming the qualifications of the profession in the January-February 2022 session – the director may organize group consultations with the teacher conducting educational courses in the subjects in which the student is taking the exam.

Final exam in an art school

In the class of the highest art school in which the diploma or the final examination takes place, the director can ensure individual or collective consultations at the school with a teacher who leads art education classes in the subjects in which the pupil passes the diploma or the final examination, respectively.

Olympiads, competitions and tournaments

With the agreement of the director of the school, the center or the establishment, the pupils can participate full-time in competitions, contests and tournaments organized on the basis of art. 22 sec. 2 point 8 and art. 22 (6) of the law of 7 September 1991 on the education system.

The regulation was published in the Journal des lois and comes into force on January 27, 2022.

Legal basis

Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science on the temporary limitation of the operation of units of the education system within the framework of the prevention, neutralization and fight against COVID-19.

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