Dragon Ball’s Most Powerful Transformations

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1 May 2022, 09:30

author: Marc Jura

Recently an eternal student, now an even more eternal RPG fan. He tries to be king, but he can’t.

Dragon Ball has transformed since Goku’s iconic Super Saiyan transformation in his fight against Frieza in Namek. They apply to both Team Z and their opponents. Those who do not take on a new form are left behind.

The premiere of a new movie is coming soon. Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes is to be a new stage in the development of the universe, bringing Goku and the company into the era of 3D animation, and at the same time referring to the roots of the story. Already in June, we are witnessing the return of the Z warriors, including a somewhat postponed Piccolo. The Namekian will receive a new transformation. Will he be able to face the strongest thanks to this? This is not yet known. However, the competition is really big.

In the ranking below you will find the most powerful and interesting transformations in the universe right now dragonball. I had some difficulty choosing them – for example, the one that uses Toppo’s destructive power of Dragon Balla Super in a direct confrontation he would prove to be much stronger than Super Buu, but throughout the anime he remains a third character. Meanwhile, the fight against the pink demon, once seen on RTL 7, kept us on our toes for months. This ranking is therefore the result of the power of transformation and their importance in the context of the entire universe.

And yes, I’m aware that the so-called “Ultrainstinct” isn’t really a transformation, at least not in the sense that Super Saiyan is. So that readers unaware of the otherwise very rich lore of this universe do not get lost in the multitude of hermetic concepts and long names, I have decided to make some definitional simplifications. I hope this will make the article accessible to the most loyal fans dragonballand those who are just beginning their adventure in the world of Dragon Balls.

Vegeta – Super Saiyanin Blue Evolution

  1. Official debut: Dragon Ball Super
  2. Opponent with whom he won: Toppo (while being kicked out of the ring during the Power Tournament)
  3. Who beat him: Moro (manga)

In the fan community dragonball it is believed that Akira Toriyama himself dislikes Vegeta. Is the author of the manga really not very attached to one of the main characters of this series? Not necessarily. This condemnation did not come out of nowhere, because in 1995 Daizenshuu 2 Toriyama said “about Vegeta, well, I don’t like him that much, but he was incredibly helpful when he was around.” However, we must not forget that these are words taken out of a broader context. Author dragonball maybe he likes Goku more (because he compared Vegeta with him), but in the end he was the one who decided not to kill the Saiyan in the Freeza saga.

Bulma’s husband and Trunks’ father is the only warrior who managed to keep up with Goku for so long. In the first series, for a time, his combat potential could be compared to that of Yamcha, Kuririn, Master Roshi, Tien, and Piccolo, respectively. In “Zetka” only the latter was important in the fight against the most important adversaries. Diagram dragonball he was always the same – Goku meets a strong new hero (usually at first hostile towards him), tries to catch him, in the end he wins with him and leaves him far behind. After Piccolo, the same fate befell the cyborg, fat Buu, Freeza (after resurrection), Hit, and probably soon Jiren. Only the prince of Saiyan survived.

The strongest so far has been during the Power Tournament. There he was able to unleash Super Saiyan Blue’s full potential. It was enough to match Toppo’s power trained by his universe’s God of Destruction. In the manga, Vegeta also used this form against Moro, an opponent who had yet to appear in the anime.

Although in terms of power, Vegeta in the form of Blue Evolution, and even as a Super Saiyanin God, greatly exceeds the strongest fighters in the Buu saga, his transformation seems more efficient, using the combat potential of the units controlled by Babidi. Majin Vegeta was then able to defeat Goku. There are still discussions in the fandom about whether the main character dragonball he could then easily face Vegeta, transforming into a Level 3 Super Saiyan. However, even if that’s true, it’s hard not to consider this form one of the most powerful in the whole thing. dragonballu z. And no one in the entire series has smiled as badass as him.

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