Email marketing allows you to build your customer relationships

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It used to be said that if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist. Today, in turn, there are more and more voices that email marketing is the basis for building relationships with recipients. Investing in a good and efficient tool affects many key aspects of the business: sales, image and achievement of objectives.

Why do you need email marketing?

Before we dive into the trends, let’s take a look at why email marketing matters. First of all, almost everyone has an email address today. Additionally, while a Facebook post reaches an average of 2-6% of fans, an email message is not only highly deliverable, but also has an average open rate of up to 40%. Moreover, when it comes to $1, it can bring up to $42 in profit. Email marketing will allow you to build relationships and brand recognition, support other marketing channels, and convert recipients into customers. Learn more about the benefits of email marketing via the FreshMail blog, where we’ll teach you step-by-step how to use this channel effectively: freshmail. pl/blog/. It is also worth knowing the current trends.

Personalization is the key to increasing sales

More than 90% of B2B marketers consider personalization a key indicator of sales growth. You may be surprised that I write this trend, because after all, we’ve been talking about personalization for years. And we’ll talk about it for a long time, because it’s something that both increases sales and is important in building brand image. When sending a message, remember that there is a human behind the email address. First of all, get to know the preferences of your target group, for example via the registration form. It is enough to offer different options, where the recipient can choose what really interests him.

Forget segmentation, focus on micro-segmentation

Segmentation is important for several reasons – it allows you to increase KPIs, deliver useful content, turn your audience into customers. However, there is something better than creating segments – microsegments. While in segmentation itself we usually focus on one rule, in micro-segmentation we consider many factors to deliver the most useful content. To create such micro-segments, collect data, create recipient lists based on that data, and then break them down into segments.

Share your values

Today’s consumers are paying more and more attention to where they buy. It was mainly due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Already in the KPMG report, you could read that it is extremely important for brands to support local communities and take care of their employees. Another important fact is that we have been dealing with Gen Z adult consumers for a long time. brand. More than half of Gen Zers say they check their email multiple times a day. Take care of your social commitment, but let everything be sincere. The public will feel the long-term artificiality.

BIMI is the key to opening an email

The issue of security, protection against phishing and spoofing will be extremely important in the times to come. However, taking care of security will also allow you to take care of the open rate of sent messages. Recipients cite brand recognition as a top factor in opening an email. This is where BIMI, or Brand Indicators for Message Identification, comes in, allowing you to display your brand logo in the recipient’s inbox.

Minimalism is the queen

Over the years, we see more and more minimalist designs. Every day we are attacked by a lot of information and creations, which is why it becomes easier and easier to tire and irritate the recipient. The design of the template you create will impact the brand experience, and as I wrote above, the key to success is evoking good associations because that will translate into sales. When designing a template or registration form, remember the principle “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. It is worth using the templates available in the tool.

Transaction emails will allow you to build relationships

When we sell or subscribe to the subscriber list – we receive transactional emails. They have an 80% higher average open rate than the regular messages we send. However, many companies underestimate their potential. I still get a lot of dry informational emails. Make transactional messages stop being boring – put a smile on the face of the recipient and create a positive brand image. Use this type of message to convey useful information.


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The article was written in collaboration with FreshMail.

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