Google develops AI. Here are the giant’s projects supported by artificial intelligence

Google is a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and is constantly looking for new applications to use AI. The giant wants everyone to be able to access artificial intelligence. So what are the most important Google projects using artificial intelligence?

Google Assistant is the start of the fun with AI

We start with a project accessible to everyone from it appeared in Poland. Of course, it’s the ubiquitous and seemingly full-featured Google Assistant. Google Assistant is built around natural language processing, a procedure by which AI recognizes speech and combines it with sounds, words, and ideas. For this, the Google Assistant records your speech, sends it to Google servers, which analyze the sounds to select key words and phrases to understand your query and return the result. It seems quite complicated and it is done very quickly. The assistant learns from your behavior, so it first checks contact replies, daily schedule, search history, local area, and more.

The Google Assistant is present not only on smartphones but also on many home devices such as Google Home, Mountain Mini and Max and Hub. However, it is also a popular choice for many devices from other manufacturers. While Google Assistant is increasingly becoming something we take for granted on our devices, that doesn’t mean its development has stalled.

Google Lens

If Google Assistant is an AI with ears, Google Lens has eyes. This program debuted on Pixel phones in 2017, and in 2018 it reached other Android smartphones, and also for iPhone. Google Lens sees what our camera shows and uses neural networks to detect and identify objects, text and landmarks. Neural networks train massive amounts of data to help organize visuals and put them into context. For example, you can point the camera at a tag with the name and password of a Wi-Fi network, and the device will automatically connect to that network. You can also browse famous landmarks for information about their meaning and history, or search for a restaurant menu item to learn more about its ingredients. The lens is also integrated with the Google Photos and Google Assistant apps.

DeepMind and AI

DeepMind is a British AI company that has remained bought by Google in 2014and now works under the Mountain View umbrella to build machine learning solutions for a variety of applications. DeepMind has started training artificial intelligence that plays games. The famous DeepMind AI agent AlphaGo has once again triumphed over humans in StarCraft II.

Success in games helps develop stronger artificial intelligence that can be used directly in more practical real-world applications. AI DeepMind agents also help with medical research, are involved in diagnosing illnesses and organizing patient records.

As for the latter, DeepMind has created some issues with patient data protection when working with the UK’s National Health Service. After being criticized for this, the company underscored its commitment to the ethical and socially beneficial use of AI by creating the group DeepMind Ethics & Society to guide the use of AI in socially responsible ways. DeepMind has also contributed subtle improvements on the smartphone, such as Google Play Store app recommendations and Android 9.0 Pie’s Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness features.

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Google Duplex

Google Duplex is an artificial intelligence tool that makes phone calls for you. It uses natural human speech patterns to do things like make a restaurant reservation or showroom appointment, order items, schedule meetings, and more. On the business side, Duplex also aims to manage the interaction with customer service.

Its demo was presented at the Google I/O 2018 conference. For the moment, Duplex has limited capacities in the United States. Unfortunately, various laws regarding consent to record calls prevent its access in states such as Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Texas. In other states, Duplex is integrated as a Google Assistant function.

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