Hykker smartwatch from Biedronka for 99 PLN. Worth buying?

I invite you to test Biedronka’s latest Hykker smartwatch for PLN 99. Is it worth buying it at this affordable price? I compare the two models, differing only in the shape of the case.

From April 28 you can buy Biedronka in the chain store Hykker connected watchwhich is available with a rectangular or round envelope. Both were rated at only 99 PLNwhich in the case of this type of electronics is not an excessive amount.

So what do they have to offer and how do they work on a day-to-day basis? Feel free to read the material below, and you will surely know everything.

Construction, manufacturing and battery | Adequate materials for the price, but surprisingly good quality

Hykker smartwatch / photo: gsmManiaK.pl

Both watches have been in use for just over two weeks without any handling like an egg. One was worn by me and the other was given to my wife. As we perform different tasks throughout the day, the risk of accidental impact or abrasion varies. However, this does not change the fact that Hykker smartwatches have withstood this brief test of time better than well.

Screens protected by glass of unknown origin do not have a single scratch, and TPU straps (minimizes the risk of allergies) also have no deviations from the norm. The same goes for the plastic used to make the case, which is matte in both models.

In both models, the straps have lots of eyelets and two buckles, which allow you to stable seat, thanks to which they do not tend to move. Said strap can be detached quickly (fixing system on lever telescopes) and replaced by another when it is exhausted (there is only one in the sales kit). You must also appreciate that the clasp is made of metal and not plastic, which increases comfort and security.

Hykker EZ-020214 weighing only 34 grams is equipped with round screen with a diagonal of 1.3 “which displays the image at a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. On the other hand, the EZ-020114 weighing 32 grams is a representative of smart watches from a rectangular casing with a touch screen with a diagonal of almost 1.7 “ (280 x 240 pixel resolution).

Both panels are made in TFT technology, but this is not surprising given the price. As for readability, in both cases there is no problem reading content on sunny days, although the round is slightly brighter. However, this does not have a significant impact on the comfort of use.

Given the size of the envelope, Hykker EZ-020114, despite the rectangular panel, is more suitable for women due to its small size. Lacking official information on the size of the round case, I measured it with a tape measure and it turned out to be about 46mm, which is a lot.

Such a dial is found, among others, in the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a 1.4″ screen. This, in turn, leads to the following conclusion. The surrounding setting is okay, although it didn’t bother me too much and didn’t pay much attention to it.

There is a round button on the right side of the envelope. In the case of the rectangular model, it was moved upwards quite oddly, so in my case it is based on a protruding bone, which you can see in one of the photos. This button allows you to wake up and clear the screen, and in the interface it is used to cancel. By pressing for about 5 seconds, the shutdown menu is displayed.

Inside the watches there are magnetic charging pins, as well as sensors for all sorts of measurements. As already happens, the latter protrude slightly, but this does not affect the usability in any way.

Hykker smartwatch / photo: gsmManiaK.pl

The batteries used in watches have an identical capacity of 220 mAh, which is perfectly sufficient for these devices. On average, watches were charged once a weekhowever, this time may be slightly lengthened or shortened.

It all depends on the frequency of use and the functions used. The charge level is presented graphically, and a relevant message and a vibration signal will inform of the low charge level.

At the end of this section I must add that Hykker smartwatches meet IP67 resistance standardsso you can safely submerge them in water up to 1.0 meters for up to 30 minutes. This more or less means that you can easily continue training in the pouring rain, and even swim, but not necessarily dive, as they may not withstand the increased pressure.

Software, application and measurements

Hyker has focused on transparent and at the same time functional software in its watches within the allowed budget. Below is a detailed description of all the functions and actions that can be performed on these devices. I add that the interface is very pleasing to the eye and literally everyone will find it.

However, it should be borne in mind that some functions look a little different. I feel like the round dial smartwatch offers more. Now it’s time for the interface.

Slide your finger from the right on the screencall up the menu;
Swipe from the left across the screen, we access the dashboards containing information on the number of steps, sleep and exercise, further scrolling brings up the screen with the possibility of measuring heart rate, blood pressure and blood saturation (SpO2) as well as the weather screen, camera, player and breath control function. It should be added that the weather, camera and player require a smartphone connection to work;

By swiping your finger from the top of the screenpop-up settings open – you can quickly change vibration settings, screen brightness, working mode and check battery and bluetooth connection status, current date, weather, as well as turn on the flashlight and access the main settings;
Swipe down from the bottom of the screen, the notification center opens. From there, you can read messages, but you cannot reply to them.

Hykker smartwatch / photo: gsmManiaK.pl

All desktops are rigidand therefore it is not possible to move them in order to organize the sequence more comfortably for you. Fortunately, you can change the watch face and choose one of the pre-installed faces or install others from the smartphone app. There are a lot of them, so everyone will definitely choose something for themselves.

The settings include the following functions:

Stopwatch – allows you to measure periods of time divided into up to eight laps;
Alarm – allows you to view and activate or deactivate the alarms set from the Da Fit application; the alarm is signaled by vibration of the device;
Countdown – allows you to set the countdown: from 10 minutes to 3 hours every 10 minutes; the end of the countdown is indicated by the vibrations of the device;
Menu display – modification of the layout of the menus: grid view or list view;
Brightness – screen brightness adjustment;
Vibration – activate or deactivate the vibrations of the device;
Silent – silent mode – simultaneously disables vibration and reduces screen brightness;
Reset – restore the device to its factory state;
turn it off – turn off the device;
Information – display device information: model name or MAC address;
QR Code – display of the application download QR code.

I appreciate that Hykker lets you control the volume in the player app – this was lacking in HAMMER Watch. It is of course also possible to change tracks. A nice addition is the breathing feature, which helps balance breathing and relaxation. In addition, the Hykker EZ-020214 (round) has two single games: Young bird and 2048.

The watches offer eight basic sport modes: walking, running, cycling, jumping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming. During training, it measures the heart rate (depending on the type of exercise), the number of steps taken, the distance covered, the duration of the training and estimates the number of calories burned.

To complete the workout, simply swipe right on the screen and select the red circle symbol with a square inside. Accuracy is average, but that should come as no surprise. After all, the equipment lacked a positioning system, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise either, given the price.

I was very positively surprised by the Da Fit smartphone application. It is very transparent and also graphically pretty. It was divided into three cards. On the first, we can check statistics on physical activity and measurements. The second is for settings and the third is profile information or help center information. All in all, it’s well translated, although the flowers are coming.

Is it worth buying a Hykker smartwatch?

Hykker smartwatch / photo: gsmManiaK.pl

Of course it’s worth it because for 99 PLN we get a smartwatch with useful functions that allow you to limit direct contact with a smartphonewhich, in my opinion, is a lot.

Yes, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS positioning system, it’s not made of high-quality materials, and there aren’t more than 100 sports modes, but it’s cheap, well made, stylish and at the same time meets all the assumptions of a smartwatch, and certainly a fitness band. Moreover, it has decent uptime and a nice interface.

There should also be an argument for buying very long warranty period of up to three years. Hykker is therefore confident in its product, otherwise it would have provided a guarantee under standard conditions.

However, I advise you to choose a model with a round casebecause in my opinion it looks better, has a bigger screen and even slightly brighter.

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