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Information on the announcement of the competition “Standardization of Digital Innovation Hub services to support the digital transformation of companies” as part of the 2019-2021 Ministerial Program entitled “Industry 4.0”.

The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology announces the competition “Standardization of services of Digital Innovation Poles to support the digital transformation of companies”. Applications can be submitted on time until September 13, 2019, 4 p.m.

Contest rules

The Candidature Evaluation Committee for the “Standardization of Digital Innovation Pole services to support the digital transformation of companies” competition for the 2019-2021 Ministerial Program entitled “Industry 4.0” informs you that during the evaluation, the Applications submitted by the following entities have been recommended for funding:

· Krakow Technology Park – with a score of 79 points
· Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – with a score of 77 points
· Foundation of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan – with a score of 72 points
· Voicelab.AI – with a score of 67 points
· Institute of Communications – National Research Institute – with a score of 66 points

The maximum number of points that could be obtained was 85 points.

Who can submit nominations?

Applications can submit Digital Innovation Hubs, which are centers that provide high-quality digital transformation support services.

Application deadline

Applications should be submitted electronically by the deadline of September 13, 2019, by 4 p.m. to the following address: and additionally
in paper form at the following address:

Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology
Innovation Department
Trzech Krzyzy Square 3/5
00-507 Warsaw

What can I get a grant for?

Co-financing can be obtained for digital transformation services provided to entrepreneurs and for the development and complementation of the potential of DIH.

Candidate Selection Criteria

The evaluation of the application will be made on the basis of the evaluation criteria specified in the appendix to the competition rules.


The overall pool of funds to be distributed within the competition is approximately PLN 30 million.

Other important information

Candidates do not have the right to appeal a negative decision regarding the choice of candidate.

Questions and answers

Questions can be sent to the e-mail address:

Objective of the Industry 4.0 program

The objective of the program is to select, expand and complete the potential of centers that have the capacity to act as Digital Innovation Hubs, to develop good practices and standardize the services they provide to support entrepreneurs in the field of transformation of products, services and organizations, using the latest technological solutions, such as:

  1. 5G connectivity,
  2. learning algorithms (Artificial Intelligence), including autonomous systems,
  3. Internet of Things (IoT),
  4. BIM (Building Information Modeling),
  5. cloud computing,
  6. quantum technologies (Quantum Computing),
  7. augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR),
  8. automation and robotics (Computer Integrated Manufacturing),
  9. cyber security,
  10. additive technologies (3D printing),
  11. microelectronics.

Program recipients

The program is aimed at entrepreneurs who need to implement Industry 4.0 solutions.

Digital Innovation Poles, i.e. unions/consortia entered into between entities such as companies, research units, innovative clusters and non-governmental organizations, are eligible for financial assistance under the of the Minister’s Program.

Program duration

The program runs until November 15, 2021.

Expected results

Program participants will be required to implement at least three of the following activities:

  1. information and promotion, the aim of which is to effectively reach the widest possible group of entrepreneurs with information on:
    • the potential of digital transformation and its effects on business models,
    • the state of current technological changes in the production of products and the provision of services,
    • the potential of advanced digital technologies, the role they play and the benefits of using them,
    • the possibility of using other activities carried out by a given Hub.
  2. demonstrations, the purpose of which is to allow entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with processes based on the latest digital technologies and the possibility of using them in the production of their own products or providing their own services, including the possibility of simulating processes selected from a given contractor, including the production of prototypes.
  3. education and training, the aim of which is to provide entrepreneurs and their (potential) employees with knowledge of the latest digital technologies and the ability to use them to modernize the way products are produced or provide services, or to produce new products or provide new services by a given entrepreneur.
  4. consulting services, the purpose of which is to indicate through the Hub the possibility of introducing an optimization or innovation into the existing method of producing products or providing services, or producing new products by a given entrepreneur or to provide new services based on the latest digital technologies. Consulting activities can be complemented by preparing a document for a given entrepreneur regarding his company’s digital transformation plan.
  5. Implementation, that is:
    • implementation whose purpose is to support the use of solutions based on the latest digital technologies in the business of the entrepreneur, in the form of assistance in the integration and commissioning of new machines, devices and software,
    • integrators, whose aim is to facilitate the transfer, the exchange of experiences and the construction of a network of skills by the Hub.

The learning factory is a particularly desirable form of integration of the above services.

Application form

Application for the program will be based on A. Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (described in the book “Creating business models. A visionary’s handbook”), whereby candidates define customer value propositions, identify target customers and indicate the activities, resources, channels necessary for this purpose, scope, partners and cost structure.

The eligibility of participants in the program will be assessed according to the formal and content criteria specified in the regulations.

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