The pandemic has shown how important it is in marketing to build brand trust. HARIBO sums up 2021

Around 2021, Anna Stróżyńska, Marketing Director of HARIBO Sp. zoo

The biggest hit in 2021

2021 has been an exceptional year for the HARIBO brand in many ways. We achieved a historic commercial result, reinforcing our leading position and influencing the pace of development of the entire category. Thanks to the wide distribution of our products, attractive consumer campaigns and engaging communication, we have significantly increased brand awareness and our customers have become even more loyal. HARIBO is considered synonymous with jellies, a brand that offers the highest quality products and is a delight for children. This is a great success for us and a reason to start 2022 cheerfully.

The hardest challenge in 2021

In 2021, despite the successes we have achieved, we are still fighting to increase our market share. It was also a challenge to adapt our activities and our product portfolio to meet the changing needs of consumers. Last year we saw an increase in household consumption due to the pandemic, so it was important to ensure the widest possible availability of our products, as well as a well-adapted product offer, which is the key to success. All this so that our products, associated with pleasure, joy and fun, can accompany consumers during this still uncertain and difficult period.

The 3 most interesting stocks in 2021

In 2021, we implemented the umbrella communication concept “with joy”, in which we refer to the joy and exceptional emotions that accompany our consumers when they turn to HARIBO sweets. As part of this communication strategy, we have implemented several engaging consumer activations alluding to the joy of children, sharing and the pleasure of our products.

An interesting initiative worth mentioning was the cooperation with Puma and the creation of a limited collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. The creators of the collection were inspired by the pleasure that the HARIBO brand has been bringing to children and adults for more than 100 years with delicious fruit jellies, and the HARIBO Golden Bear has become a symbol of the collection.

Action with the most surprising effects

The “Give with joy” consumer activation, implemented in the first quarter of 2021, assured us that the communication strategy adopted under the general slogan “with joy” and well-tailored marketing activities are an excellent choice. Our audience and engagement estimates for this campaign were exceeded 6 times. It has shown that systematically connecting with consumers and the strong relationships we create with them, as well as working on brand awareness and marketing activities conducted in a consistent manner, yield dramatic results.

The most important marketing communication channels in 2021

Currently, contact with the brand and the product is made through different channels, and we select them according to the purpose and the role they are called upon to play in our communication. Social media plays an important role in building relationships and engaging with consumers, as this is where our recipients’ attention and engagement are focused.

In-store marketing communication is also very important, i.e. all kinds of attractive POS material attracting the consumer’s attention at the point of sale.

In our activities, we also use digital campaigns and TV campaigns, which give us a wide reach, building brand awareness.

The most important marketing communication channels in 2022

2022 we start the year with a new version of the TV campaign. It is a continuation of the brand’s innovative advertising, in which adults speak with children’s voices and find children’s true joy in themselves. This idea, introduced in 2019, has been well received by the market and has contributed to a significant increase in HARIBO brand awareness in recent years. In our new commercial, the voices of children express the inner thoughts and desires of adults who, by reaching out to HARIBO Gold teddy bears, celebrate their inner child. The new commercial, like the previous one, stands out in the advertising block, memorable and leaving the audience in the embrace of carefree joy and children’s imagination. The spot perfectly reflects the brand’s promise, making direct reference to its motto: “Haribo the taste of joy for young and old”.

Alongside the new television advertising, we are launching a 360° campaign, including, in addition to television, also radio, social media, press, cinema and large-scale digital activities based on dedicated video media, which will appear , among others, on YouTube and social networks. In addition, the support campaign will include public relations activities, campaigns with influencers and consumer activations.

The most promising marketing trends

A very important trend for us is the authenticity of the brand, which is present in all the activities that it carries out. Thanks to this, we build consumer loyalty and we are closer to our recipients. HARIBO has been on the market for over 100 years, and in 2022 our Golden Bear celebrates its 100th anniversary. This is an important commitment, because over the years consumers have become accustomed to the brand’s presence in the market and have trusted it. Our products are perceived to be of the highest quality and synonymous with jelly beans. The authenticity of HARIBO lies in the childlike joy we offer – in the products, in the communication, in the engagement of the consumers and in their immersion in the universe of the brand. The brand promise “HARIBO a taste of joy for young and old” comes to fruition with us on several levels. Because it is authenticity and strong ties with our recipients that are our priority.

Budget for digital activities

Generally speaking, I can say that spending on digital is increasing every year and we are investing more and more in this channel. This year, due to the 360° campaign, the advertising budget will be diversified and will include various communication channels.

Assessment of the current state of the marketing industry in Poland

The pandemic has shown how important it is in marketing to build brand trust. This time it was brands associated with quality, authenticity and trusted by consumers that won, and the prize – as in the case of HARIBO – was even greater consumer loyalty. As marketers, we must always remember the importance of authenticity in actions and the well-chosen communication channels that guarantee it.

3 most important goals and plans for 2022

In 2022, we will continue to focus on the goals that are most important to us: strengthening the market leadership position, increasing brand penetration, but also the jellies category, which – as last year showed – have their perfect moment.

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