To threaten the Big Three. focuses on organic development of flexible web hosting, drawing a handful of experience from the US market – PC World

“ is already in the top 10 of the biggest hosting companies in Poland, but our real goal for the next two years is to reach the 4th place in the ranking, just after the “big” three. serious takeover offers, we have clearly set the goals we want to achieve” – Rafał Kuśmider, CEO of, talks about the plans for further development of the company and conquering the market.

pc world: In ranking you are now in 12th place. Looking at the current trends you announced, getting into the top ten hosting companies in Poland may not be quick.

Rafał Kuśmider, CEO, Our company is already in the top 10 of the largest hosting companies in Poland, without even looking at the consolidations that have taken place in the market. Many of the websites we support are not included in the rankings because we do not officially share this data.

Also check: also offers great integration with Cloudywhich means that support for some of our domains is hidden. This feature is extremely popular among our customers, hence’s results dropping into the top 100.

Our real goal for the next two years is to reach the 4th place in Poland in the field of mass / shared hosting, just after, H88 and

pc world: What is your idea for the future development of the company? Competitors’ offer is increasingly rich in novelties, meanwhile, it is difficult to find new products for you, since the introduction of Flexible Web Hosting.

R.K.: Nothing makes us happier than the increasing supply of our competitors. With more products, the management of these companies is distracted and more maintenance and development work. The strategy adopted by many of our competitors involves the introduction of new products and services in the offer, often vaguely or not at all related to accommodation, motivated by two reasons: the desire to increase the income of the current clientele and the belief that in this way it will be possible to link them even more with the given client.

I think implementing new services only makes sense when you have a significant product advantage in the core segment or can get it that way. In order to achieve the synergy effect of the products, the individual services must be tightly integrated, e.g. online stores / referencing with accommodation, but market practice shows that it goes in a completely different direction.

Our strategy is trivial. We want to improve our product as it is Flexible Web Hostingcreating a technology and service advantage. Already today you can see many elements that we have managed to improve, among others we have completely rebuilt the customer support team with a focus on experts in the field WordPress and other CMSs, and we have greatly simplified service management by automating many manual processes, until now available from the management panel. There is still a lot of work ahead of us.

We have very reserved ambitions and views on the development of our product. We always consider whether a given feature is consistent with our company’s mission to create flexible hosting solutions for ambitious people.

For obvious reasons, we cannot write wholesale about our development plans, but we can announce that thanks to them we will be able to threaten the current domination of the “big three”.

To threaten the Big Three. focuses on the organic development of flexible web hosting, drawing a handful of experience from the US market

Rafał Kuśmider, CEO of

pc world: Until recently, you were the only Polish host operating abroad. Recently, H88 and have started to conquer Central Europe. Do you also want to develop in our immediate vicinity?

R.K.: Currently under the brand name we operate in the USA, where several thousand people have already benefited from our services. It is an incredibly competitive market that allows us to gain a wealth of experience, thanks to which we are able to more effectively predict the direction in which the accommodation market in Poland will go in 4-5 years.

After launching the sales in the USA, we have received several serious offers of cooperation from large entities, for example, telecommunications companies, many other countries (including Norway, Brazil, Iran and Italy), and even purchase offers from the best companies in the world interested in our technology.

Today, we no longer plan to launch brands outside of Poland. Success in the country allows us to grow organically and we don’t want to waste this potential. After the major projects are completed, we plan to pay more attention to increasing sales on The American market is very receptive and interested in innovative products. We see great potential for us in this place. We are currently in many discussions with large players who need a more flexible approach to business.

At the same time, we are watching with great interest the development of H88 and outside Poland. The two companies follow wildly different strategies (acquisitions vs. organic sales), which makes this question even more interesting.

pc world: Reaching a certain analogy, the implementation of the language version of the store does not mean entering foreign markets. How is the US hosting market different and how can you compete with your offering?

R.K.: In fact, the hosting market is shaped in the United States and the rest of the world follows it.

Users are much more aware than in Poland or even Europe as a whole. Thanks to conferences in the United States, where we presented our product, we discovered a completely different perspective. Teenagers there use cloud computing because it’s for education. Cooperation education with private sector is extremely different and welcome, thanks to which technological awareness is at a much higher level than in Poland.

The market itself is huge and has a place to go Shared Hosting, dedicated, computing clouds, managed hosting or niche (but also those that may have tens/hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue). The user, having so many choices and being aware of how the individual solutions work, makes the right decisions.

The sales approach is also interesting – US customers usually make quick buying decisions, but they do so just as quickly. chargebackevery time they don’t like something. They’re just used to it.

The projects that are developing in the United States in terms of accommodation are really impressive. What we have in mind right now is probably already developed in California. Of course, innovations are also born outside the United States, but are very quickly taken up by entities across the Atlantic.

pc world: A few years ago, as a Change Front, you drew attention to the problem of the rapid consolidation of the Polish market. Have the owners of ever received takeover offers? What is the current situation from your point of view?

R.K.: We receive a serious acquisition offer at least once every two months. The group interested in taking over the company includes investment funds, strategic investors and host companies from abroad and from Poland. We have a unique organizational culture and clear goals that we want to protect.

Looking more broadly at the market, it’s not hard to see that acquisitions have slowed. We are very happy about this, because what we announced in the manifesto of the Front for Change has proven to be a de facto success. Whether this has a positive effect on the market is up to the customers themselves to answer.


Flexible Web Hosting combines the features of shared hosting with cloud computing, without the drawbacks of both solutions. As part of the basic package, customers receive 50 GB of account space, 1 GB of RAM and 1 GHz of processor computing power. In the event of an increase in resource demand, the service automatically scales to a 24 GHz processor, 64 GB of RAM and 1 TB of disk space. Funds for the increase in resource consumption are taken from the prepaid account. Prepaid settlement guarantees that we will never be surprised by excessive hosting costs. The service is becoming increasingly popular among demanding projects – it provides, among other things, maintaining the contest of the Miss Polonia website, visited by hundreds of thousands of users on the day of the final gala.

The most powerful features of the service include the flexibility of the solution, as well as high efficiency due to its fast speed NVMe drives for databases, server software LiteSpeed, LSCacheName and Say it again and support PHP in PHP version 7.4. Website and email security protects systems AntiDDoS and WAF and anti-virus and anti-spam modules. Flexible web hosting is integrated among other things with Cloudy and a free SSL certificate – encrypt.

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