We are extending the applicable restrictions until April 18. Hospitals with low reserves of beds and ventilators – Coronavirus: information and recommendations

Nearly 34.7 thousand (78%) covid beds occupied, more than 3,300 (about 79%) respirators used. By comparison, two weeks ago we had over 27,000 beds occupied and over 2,600 ventilators. The drop in infections recorded in recent days is unfortunately not reflected in the hospitals where infected patients have gone in the previous weeks. We still have a very difficult situation. We must take care of the health of Poles, but also think about the efficiency of the health service. Therefore, we are keeping the applicable restrictions for another week.

The epidemic situation remains difficult

The past three days have seen a drop in infections. However, the previous week and the weekend were very difficult. On April 1, we had more than 35,000. new contaminations. That’s why we want to take further steps very cautiously, especially since the holiday season, when some of us have certainly seen our families, is behind us.

We have decided to maintain the existing restrictions, but we are closely monitoring daily information on the number of people infected, deaths, beds occupied and ventilators used. We make other decisions based on this data. We understand the fatigue of restrictions, but remember that human life is at stake. This is the most important thing.

We are extending the applicable safety rules until April 18

Trade Restrictions

  • Large-format furniture and construction stores with an area of ​​more than 2,000 m2 will remain closed.
  • Shopping centers and malls – as at present – remain closed, with the exception, among others: grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores, press rooms, bookstores.

There are limits of people in the commercial establishments of the market or the post office:

  • 1 person for 15 m2 – in shops up to 100 m2,
  • 1 person for 20 m2 – in stores larger than 100 m2.

religious worship in religious places of worship there is a limit of people – there must be 20 m2 for 1 person. The obligation to cover your mouth and nose and to keep 1.5 m from other people remains unchanged.

Hairdressing and beauty salonsstay closed

Nurseries and kindergartensare still closed. The exception is for the care of children of medical and law enforcement personnel (including soldiers, police and firefighters).

sport Dthe operation of sports facilities is limited to professional sports only. All events can take place without public participation. Are closed, among others, gymnasiums, fitness clubs, ski slopes, swimming pools, saunas and solariums.

Education – pupils of all classes in primary schools, high schools, pupils in continuing education establishments and vocational training centers learn at a distance.

Hotels – accommodation structures remain closed (with the exception, among others, of workers’ hotels, as well as for example for doctors, truck drivers or the military).

Culture – theatres, cinemas, museums and art galleries are still closed.

# We vaccinate faster

Vaccines are a great opportunity to defeat the pandemic. So far, almost 6 million 800 thousand vaccinations have been carried out in Polish vaccination centers. injections. Nearly 2 million 100 thousand people have already taken two doses of the vaccine. The second quarter of this year is a significant acceleration.

We will be vaccinated faster thanks to the fact that many more vaccines will reach us than before. This is why we are moving the dates for vaccinations for people aged 60 and over from May to April, and on April 12 we start registration for the next few years. We hope that the producers will respect their declarations and we will be able to vaccinate all those who wish to be in Poland by the end of the summer holidays. Detailed information on the national vaccination program can be found at gov.pl/szczepimysie – please visit.

Always very important safety rules

In the meantime, we must continue to be very careful until the majority of the population is vaccinated. That’s why we constantly remind you of the basic rules: wear masks, avoid large groups, keep your distance, remember to disinfect your hands, ventilate the room. We also encourage you to download the Stop Covid – ProteGo Safe app.

Decisions related to restrictions depend on the epidemic situation. We must also remember that our behavior not only affects our own health and life, but can also decide the fate of others.

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